Great Sex = Nothing.

I get quite a few emails from my readers, and I try to shape the weekly articles, videos, and podcasts to match the questions. One thing I see in common in many of these emails is a belief… It’s a belief that will lead you down the wrong roads if you let it – and […]

Walk Away… And Still Get The Girl’s Number

Recently, I was walking when I saw a skinny blonde with black-rimmed glasses who looked really good. I walked right up to her and said, “Hello. What’s your name?” She smiled. After exchanging greetings and joking around for about a minute I decided to ask for her number… It’s pretty easy to accept “No” as an […]

Have You Ever Felt Intimidated by Beautiful Women?

What if you knew the underlying problem behind feeling intimidated by beautiful women? Approaching a girl would become simply a matter of daily life. Read more to find out about how to move beyond being scared to approach women. Are You Intimidated by Beautiful Women? Have you ever felt intimidated by beautiful women? You know, […]

How Much Should You Spend On A First Date?

We weighed in on the age-old, controversial topic “Who should pay?” with an earlier article – in short, we think the guy should pay because it gives him more useful information about his date than if he chooses not to and saves his him money in the long run. Now, since we’re assuming we guys are paying, […]

What is the Sugar Daddy Lifestyle?

The sugar daddy lifestyle is not always full of luxuriousness and extravagance. It’s neither full of prostitutes or call-girls. A real sugar daddy is not always a “rich sugar daddy”, sometimes he’s humble, hard-working, and has a little bit of extra cash to spend on a special lady friend each month. It’s not far from […]

Making Girls Laugh And Dating

Everyone loves having a fun, hilarious time with their date. Today you can read a few huge tips to help you build the kind of easy-going relationships filled with laughter with the high value women you want. How To Start Making Girls Laugh on Dates We already have covered “why” making your dates laugh is […]