How Long Should You Wait To Text Her Back?

Today we tackle the age-old question, stretching across the generations of human’s history, defying boundaries and stumping the world’s greatest thinkers since time immemorial: How long should a guy wait before texting a girl back? As with most of our takes on texting, the less you do, the better. That’s a good general guideline. However, we’re […]

Ways to Make a Girl Fall in Love With You

Numerous books, YouTube videos, articles online provide countless dating tips. Some online gurus claim you should just register on a dating site, while others encourage to go offline and to approach real girls in coffee shops, bars, malls, or restaurants. Let’s assume you are confident and easy-going enough to approach someone in the street, but […]

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Dress Sexier

What man doesn’t dream of having his woman wear (or take off) the sexy clothes of his choice? Just imagine… a sexy girlfriend who ALSO dresses up sexy for you and tries to please you visually in every way she can. Everything They Say About Getting Your Girl To Dress Up Sexy Is Wrong Mainstream […]