Don’t make this HUGE mistake…

Don’t Fall Victim To The “Refunder” Mentality! How To Avoid This Deadly Dating Trap… I wanted to share an excellent article with you. My good friend Shelly McMurtry wrote this a while back, and she gave me permission to print it here. She spotted something that I think you should know about when it comes […]

Are You Growing Apart?

I sat there across from Maria, cradling my Starbucks coffee, while she cried into hers… John, her boyfriend, was cold and distant to her, and she feared the worst. “I’m wondering if he’s falling out of love with me,” she sobbed. “Or worse – maybe he’s cheating on me.“ If you’ve ever felt like this, I have good news for you: […]

Are you just his BTN?

QUESTION FROM A READER: Hi Carlos. I have Purchased your program recently and have been steadily going through the modules. I want to know how to apply it with my guy. Well… I got him to commit once we were together for over 3 years before we broke up (during this time he dates another […]

Is He Torturing You On Purpose…?

QUESTION FROM A READER: So I met a guy a few months ago. He says he wants to date and have it hopefully go further. He is VERY busy (he’s not just saying that, he really is swamped with work and gets very little sleep and tells me about it.) Communication is very difficult and […]

How To Win Him Back…

QUESTION FROM A READER: Hi Carlos, I was with my boyfriend for two and a half years, and we were engaged for 6 months in that time. I broke up with him twice over stupid things- over- reaction on my part ): Anyway, he now has a girlfriend and I have been trying to get our […]