Is Your Ego Killing You?

Being narcissistic isn’t just bad for social relationships. Having an ego could kill you. In a study released earlier some time ago, researchers found that certain types of narcissism can lead to higher risks for cardiovascular disease and heart attacks, and could make it more difficult to survive other diseases such as cancer or diabetes. “We generally […]

Romance: Too Much to Ask For?

I think that’s one of my least favorite phrases in the English language.  It declares defeat before you’ve even tried to succeed.  And very rarely, if ever, do we manage not to hope.  Even in the most terrible situations, or when the odds are truly stacked against us—we hope. Unfortunately, many of us are surrounded by […]

Falling Out of Love | blog

Your heart races, your palms sweat; being together is almost unbearable. The way your body feels is indescribable. You can’t sleep, you won’t eat, and all you do is think about your relationship day and night. Sounds like you’re falling in love. Wrong! The same emotional and physical manifestations that you feel falling in love […]

Playing Sports with Your Partner

I’m really competitive…Scratch that. I’m overly competitive. My friends don’t even like playing Scrabble with me. I’ve played sports since I could crawl. In fact, when I was a baby, my mom entered me into a crawling race, which I won, because in the middle of the race, I got up and started walking. I […]

Is Lasting Love a Thing of the Past?

Last week my parents celebrated a major milestone that fewer and fewer couples seem to be reaching: Their 30th wedding anniversary. That kind of milestone is no small feat — especially in an era of the 55-hour Britney Spears wedding and the train wreck that became Kim Kardashian’s $10 million nuptials. Her marriage lasted a whole 72 […]

Is Your Relationship Worth Saving?

“How much real time are you willing to put into saving a relationship?” I had asked this question at a college where I was a guest speaker on a forum discussing couples and relationships. A young woman in the audience answered my question with a question of her own, “Are you saying some relationships aren’t worth saving?” The […]