Top 10 Jobs That Get You Laid

The best part about is that you don’t need to give up on your career to do these, you can easily do them part time, in the summer, or just once in a while. Pub Crawl Leader The job implies taking people on a bar tour around your location. Usually it’s about 20 dollars/pounds/euros per […]

Top 5 Relationship Myths | blog

If you really want to embrace your singlehood, stop dating–invest in yourself, take a meditation class, improve your self-awareness, but don’t spew out one-sided information about loving your single status yet working even harder to snatch a man; this mixed belief is called cognitive dissonance. Google it. 1. A Great Relationship means you never fight. FALSE. […]

How to Get Over a Love Hangover

The residue of a past broken relationship can linger longer than you may realise. Here’s how to ditch the break-up baggage and move on. You don’t need me to tell you how difficult it can be to recover from a broken relationship. The loss can be bitterly consuming. The thought of surviving the next hour […]

Think Everyone’s Love Life is Better Than Yours? Then You Need To Think Again

Discontent is a dirty word. Thanks to an unending barrage of adverts depicting smiling, laughing couples, and the Hollywood machine churning out one rom-com after another, we’re constantly being presented with ideals of ‘perfection’. But can any of us honestly admit our love lives are as perfect and wonderful as the characters’ on the silver […]

Love/Hate Relationships | blog

We all know the type – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Love/hate relationships are one of the oldest romantic clichés in the book – exhilarating, devastating and bash-your-head-on-the-wall frustrating in equal turns. But how did it get to this? One theory is that, just as all love affairs experience a cooling-off after […]

Breaking Your Bad Relationship Habits

Don’t be your own worst enemy when it comes to relationships – break any bad emotional habits you’ve got now Some of us are always very jealous in a relationship. Others are always too clingy. And some of us always end up being unfaithful. It’s as if an invisible force pushes us into the same […]