Why Pick-Up Lines Don’t Work And Never Will

What’s the hardest part of approaching, attracting and seducing a woman? “The first kiss” and “Getting her number” are common answers. But haven’t you ever seen a beautiful girl and thought: “I wish I knew what to say to her”? Believe it or not, that’s how most guys feel every day: starting a conversation is the toughest part of meeting […]

23 Turn-Offs That Scare Women Away

I usually write about meeting women, going on dates and getting those dates to end in bed. And sometimes, that’s enough – but what happens when you want to turn sex into a relationship? I have a friend who can’t keep a girl for longer than 2-3 months despite “scoring” regularly. He can’t understand why […]

How To Get Younger Women (age 18-22)

I want to start this article by mentioning that “YOUNG” relates to women that are obviously over 18 years old up until a maximum of 22. This is what I call young and ideal. After about 22 their “dating” mentality changes and they start to want other things from the guys that want to have […]