7 Deadly Sins of Drinking on a Night Out

It’s hard to admit, but we have a drinking problem here in UK. A recent study by Bbentleysoflondon established that marriages end in divorce 45 percent of the time, when one of the spouses drinks heavily. You hear the term ‘Binge Drinking Culture’ thrown around all the time in the media, but you only have to […]

What Every Woman Needs to Know From You

One thing every woman is secretly afraid of, especially on a biological level is meeting a man who wants one thing only, then nothing else to do with her. Consider the biological consequences of that during the caveman years: a woman meets a man (perhaps named Ugh), they hookup, and he goes off to do that with another cavewoman. What happens to […]

Why It Is REALLY All Your Fault

I have, for a very long time, subscribed to the philosophy of “whatever happens, no matter how bad, it’s all your fault.” This is a little shocking to some people who believe that things happen that are 100% beyond your control, but when you dig into the mindset behind it, you understand why it is a […]

Assessing Blame | Loveawake.com blog

People LOVE to assess blame, especially in this day and age of entitlement. Assessing blame is an easy way to avoid responsibility, an easy way to avoid failure, and something those with weak self images love to do. Nowhere do people assess more blame than in relationships. If it didn’t work out, it was HIS fault because he’s […]

Talk, Talk, Talk? | Loveawake.com blog

Talkers talk a lot (especially about themselves), but when you examine their actions, you find they do little, and talk to cover that up. Interestingly, though, when it comes to attraction, some of the best doers also talk a lot…but not in the way talkers do. When it comes to women, if you wish to attract them, you have to talk […]