Signs She Is Not Going Home With You

She’s not going home with you if: So you’re out with a girl, and you’re unsure if it’s going well. Obviously by “going well,” I mean you’re wondering whether you’re going to be able to close tonight. Take it from someone who goes on a lot of bad dates – if I want to go […]

Balance The Power With Your Date

There are people out there who are irresistible. It’s true. I’ve met some of them. And if you happen to meet just such a person through a dating service, and the two of you actually hit it off, it can be extremely difficult to focus and concentrate on anything else.  The best tip regarding dating […]

When Words Are All You Need To Take Her Heart Away!

So how long do you think true love lasts? Forever? Perhaps. Switch to the next question. How long do you think passionate love lasts? Forever? Gotcha! Unfortunately, passionate love, according to researchers, comes with a timeline, which is significantly shorter than true love. According to studies, passionate heart pounding love lasts just under twelve months! […]