7 Reasons You Keep Failing In Love

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the wrong men who just treat you bad and disrespect you? Have you ever been in a toxic relationship which destroyed your self-esteem and self-value? Yet, you didn’t see it while you were in the midst of such a bad relationship with your partner. This blindness left you feeling ashamed […]

5 Signs Your Breakup Was for Good

Breakups hurt. I thought I’d grow older and it won’t hurt as bad only to find out that the heartbreak pain doesn’t decrease with age. It hurt when I was fourteen as much as it did later in my life. I also see it from working with women who’re healing or going through a divorce. When the pain is […]

How To Stop Being People Pleaser & Love Yourself?

Have you ever felt being taken for granted or taken advantage of in your intimate relationships, sex life, marriage, work or friendships? Do you ever find yourself giving and giving, and then when it’s your time to ask for a small favour those TAKERS disappear. Then, you can’t help but start feeling alone in spite of having friends, spouse, […]

Get Men Accept You as You Are

When you’ve experienced a sense of helpless, no control, and powerlessness that comes from being in an abusive and toxic relationship, you know the feeling you get inside you once you get yourself out of it. The feeling of NO MORE and NEVER AGAIN. Your whole soul makes a commitment to never get into a relationship where you’re […]

Top Reasons You Can’t Let Go Of Your Past

Divorce or heartbreak is one of the most painful experiences we’ll ever go through. What perpetuates this pain is getting stuck in the past when your life is actually moving on. Today, I’ll be sharing the top 3 reasons women can’t let go of the past after a heartbreak. Pushing Him or Hurting Yourself? This is a big […]

10 BEST Ways To Say I Love You

There are probably as many ways to say I love you as there are people to say it. You might be wondering how to say I love you to someone special. Even more important, you probably don’t want to scare that person off when you tell them! One of the most common problems I run […]

How to Make Your Man Addicted to Going Down on You

According to a recent survey by Vforvibes.com people become addicted to anything that consistently satisfies four or more of six basic human needs. In order to make anyone addicted to doing anything, you just need them to associate that behaviour with at least four things: feeling important, being excited, being certain and comfortable, and feeling […]