3 Things I Learned from Breaking Up

Last fall I turned 30 and suddenly I had found out the meaning of life and the reason why we were put on this planet. I’m just joking; however, at 30 I realized something. Let me clarify, at 30, single and with marriage not close on the horizon. I realized in that moment that while I […]

One Secret to Every Woman`s Heart

Calling all men! This shouldn’t come as a shock to you, but women love to dance. So, what’s better than being with a man who knows how to break it down? Not much! Well, unless you’re chocolate! But, all jokes aside, if you need even more reasons to truly believe women adore men who can dance, […]

Is Your Tight Budget Turning Women Off?

Many years ago I saw an interview with Ozzie Osbourne where he was asked what was the cause of the tension that led to his leaving Black Sabbath. In typical Ozzie fashion, he immediately replied, “Oh, we had terrible management. Our manager was as tight as a duck’s ass, and whenever he’d buy a round […]

What To Do Once The Date Is Over…

Last time I educated you on how not to blow it ten seconds into your first date. Now I’d like to help you handle those precious moments after the date.  Once again, this is easy stuff, but if you were taught how to handle the after-date by your half-naked, toga-wearing frat brother, let me clear things up a […]

2 Worst Ways to Make Relationship Decisions

Most relationships are doomed to “fail” at the beginning. And by “fail,” I mean end in acrimony, not by simply running their course. Why is this? Because the two most common ways people make decisions about relationships are the two worst ways, dooming the relationship before it even starts. The first bad way is by believing the social […]