Do Pheromones Really Work? | blog

Pheromone is a Greek word that means transmit and to excite or stimulate. Although pheromones don’t necessarily have a distinctive aroma, they play a very important role in animal behavior.  There are many creatures on this planet like mice that use chemical signals in an attempt to attract mates. One of the most common examples […]

What To Talk About With A Guy

Have you ever been talking with a man and found yourself wondering what to say next? You wonder what to talk about with a guy… I’ll be the first person to tell you that talking to a man is really not that difficult. The problem is that you only learned how to talk to other […]

The View of Religion on Online Dating

Online dating is becoming more common and normalized in the present day. With over half of all people thinking that dating sites are useful, there are more people flocking to dating websites than ever before. However, people that follow a religious faith have another matter on the mind: what does religion think of online dating? […]

Are Negative Attitudes Blocking Your Seductiveness?

What’s absolutely necessary in becoming a seductive person is weeding out any negative attitudes you carry that are roadblocks to possessing, harnessing and exuding your sexual energy. Seductive sexual energy is free flowing. It’s electric and magnetic and you are the conduit. If the conduit is blocked, the energy’s not flowing and neither is the […]

How Do I Spice Up My Relationship?

“My boyfriend and I have been together for six months. We have no major problems other than things have gotten a little dull. We fell into a routine, which on the one hand is kind of nice because we are comfortable and know where we stand with each other but on the other hand things are […]

Having Class Never Goes Out of Style

I like to define class as an equal mix of Manners and Etiquette. Manners – Being considerate and respectful of others. Etiquette – Set rules or guidelines for behavior in specific situations. (Use of dinner utensils, gift giving, social decorum) Here are some basic tips for both! Three Guidelines for Great Manners Treat Everyone With Respect – Don’t save your manners […]

Je Ne Sais Quoi | blog

From the French, literally translated “I know not what”. It’s an intangible quality that makes something attractive or alluring. Seduction is all about je ne sais quoi. It’s about confidence, intelligence, wit and beauty. Being clever and crafty, sexual and haunting. The way a woman carries herself with a glow of inner peace and tranquility. Je […]

Love in the Time of Lockdown

The arena of dating, love, and sex, as most of us know, has been dramatically modified by the coronavirus epidemic, thus the need to observe physical distance among ourselves. Physical Isolation is Not Social Isolation. Different people may be affected by lockdown than others, like those whose conditions are already separated due to physical or […]