4 Ways to Rebound After Rejection

Rejection. It is rarely welcome, comfortable or pleasant to feel like you’ve been rejected. Whether your lover breaks off the relationship, you are turned down for a job or a promotion, your kids make it known that are NOT cool or your best friend starts hanging out with someone else, it can be painful. Rejection […]

Make Peace with ALL of Who You Are

Sure. It’s super easy for me to love and feel at peace with myself after I’ve connected deeply with another person or helped out a stranger or was given a compliment. At those times there’s a warmth within me that spreads and makes me feel all aglow. I feel proud walking around as me. I […]

You Can Be Happy No Matter What

Upon reading the title of this article, you might think something like this in response… “Yes, of course you can be happy no matter what…with the right drugs to help.”OR“Now that’s just ridiculous and impossible.”OR“Yeah, sure– if you deny your true feelings.” When I assert that you, me, all of us can be truly happy […]

Build Self Esteem One Step at a Time

We all know that in just about every case, a baby does not go from being swaddled and carried in its mother’s arms directly to running, jumping and leaping. There are exceptions. But, for most little ones, there is a usual progression involving rolling, crawling, pulling up, falling down, walking and then running. When you […]