Love in the Time of Lockdown

The arena of dating, love, and sex, as most of us know, has been dramatically modified by the coronavirus epidemic, thus the need to observe physical distance among ourselves. Physical Isolation is Not Social Isolation. Different people may be affected by lockdown than others, like those whose conditions are already separated due to physical or […]

Ingenious Top 10 Romantic Tips

Marriage is an organization whereby the couple joins in an exceptional type of permissible and social reliance with the objective of initiating the family life as well as taking care of them. The moment we enter into the marital life, we start wondering how we ever survived without our beloved partner. We get completely occupied […]

“Think” Your Way To Dating Success

I’m reading a motivational book entitled “Lead the Field” by Earl Nightingale. It’s a fascinating book laying out a model for success in any area of one’s life. In it he teaches a lesson we have all heard before from the self-help community: What you think is what you become. In fact, “You are the living embodiment […]

Honest Communication in Relationships. Really?

We all SAY we want honest communication with our partners but do we, really? I was chatting with some girlfriends the other day and I told them that I recently asked my boyfriend if there was really much variance in the way different vaginas felt. His answer, though not important to this article, was yes, they do in fact […]

How To Seduce Him Using Forbidden Fruit

Men are visual. They are natural born voyeurs. They are fascinated by what they see. And there is nothing more fascinating than that which is not suppose to be seen. Young boys embarking on their sexuality often get their first erotic stimulation by accidentally sneaking a peek down a lady’s top, or seeing panties under a skirt that […]

Attract Him With the Five Senses – Sight

If you want to effect a lasting impression on your man, bring all of his senses to life. Today, let’s talk about sight. It’s been proven that when the senses are engaged in an experience, the memory of the experience is stronger. Weather you are newly dating, in a long term relationship or married, paying […]