Is Online or Offline Dating Best for You?

There will always be a debate around whether online or offline dating is better. And, both types of dating come with their own pros and cons. Many people feel that dating offline is better for expressing feelings and emotions while being their authentic safe, while online dating can be beneficial for those who are pressed […]

Can People Date After Violence?

The statistics on people in abusive relationships is practically jaw dropping. As if this isn’t already horrible to the adults going through it, according to recent study over 3 million children witness the abuse in just a single year. Some of the children have already made this a permanent part of their daily life; […]

It Only Takes 15 Minutes To Get Naked

There are currently 328,099,480 in the USA. There are 65 million people with STDs. As taboo as the subject of sexual partners and STD is, it is mind boggling to really know the facts and who is at risk. Everyone seems to be ready for relationships when they are finally over a divorce or out […]

Summer is for Ice Cream

There are lots of reasons to love ice cream – it’s sweet, it’s cold, it’s portable, and you can have it any time. It also happens to be a dessert deeply connected with some of the best times in our lives. Whether you realize it or not, ice cream has been there as a marker […]

Realize Your Startup Dreams | blog

Single parents have the best reasons to become entrepreneurs—their children. Without a supporting spouse, single parents must juggle household responsibilities and earn a respectable income. They need a flexible schedule that allows them to meet their children’s physical and emotional needs. While being your own boss can seem intimidating, many careers offer outstanding benefits and […]