Dating and Men – Don’t Believe Everything You Read

The dating and relationship books that do offer up genuine knowledge and advice are those that speak from experience and from the heart. Dating and men…  They’re often unfriendly bedfellows but just as often are necessary evils. Men would just as happily avoid the entire process, but that leaves for the potential of one too many guy’s nights out […]

Breaking the Ice With Women

I hear all the time men asking me questions like – I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, and I see many attractive girls. But can I meet them? What are the words to say when approaching? Women are mostly unaware of this, but for a man, approaching a woman involves lots of […]

First Phone Call To A Girl

Today I would like to talk about the step, after you approach a girl and get her phone number. Many women give away their phone number to men, and aren’t yet sure they are going to date him. If you compare it sales, it’s like a costumer who gives his number to a sales agent. […]

Nerding Out About Online Safety

I don’t usually get excited when social media marketers send me infographics and ask me to publish them on our blog. See, most of the folks who do this are shilling some scare-tactics advice to try and get you to pay for weird services or products that you don’t need. So imagine my surprise and […]

Dating Signs And Signals: Star Signs

Whatever you think about star signs, be it believing they’re codswallop or believing it’s your destiny, every one of us likes them a little bit, even just because we are all egotistical at heart and like to read about ourselves. So here’s a little bit of Astrological fun for you… What do the stars say […]

10 Offensive Questions Women Truly Hate

You mean well, we know. But every now and again you throw us a chauvinistic curveball and we might pitch it back where you’re not wearing a cup. Maybe you think the things you say are not offensive at all, just common sense. In truth, your questions are common but not sensical. So in an effort […]