A Wrestler’s Guide to Dating Bliss

I was a wrestler in high school and college so I didn’t eat very much, and not nearly as well as I should have. Most of my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were frozen and lay dormant in the icebox until the season was over – around easter – at which time I’d feast like a […]

A Dating Quiz: Are You a Sexpert or a Lame Flirt?

Statistics from dating websites suggest that sex is really not that important. In fact, people in happy, sexual, dating relationships report that sex makes up only 10 percent of their partnership. This may not seem like much until you realize that sleep takes up 33 percent of your life, and work another 33 percent. And these are […]

How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

A long-distance relationship can be one of the most challenging situations for dating. If you want to know how to make a long distance relationship work you gotta know what most women don’t know! There are a lot of barriers to keeping a long distance relationship healthy. A lot of people don’t believe that long-distance […]

Is Your Boyfriend Violent? | Loveawake.com blog

Being in a relationship is fulfilling, but it can also be scary, most especially if your boyfriend is suddenly acting strange and violent. Though you may have dropped hints to your family and friends about his sudden change of behavior, they just do not want to believe you. However, since you already know his behavior […]