I believe it was Wesley Willis who once said, “Chocolate kicks a dead llama’s ass.” Well, maybe he never said that, but it sounds like something he would have said.

So why do we like chocolate?

Because not only is chocolate so awesome that could very well indeed kick a dead llama’s ass, it’s always incredible useful for dating. Here are three quick ways to incorporate chocolate into your dating life, propelling it light years ahead of any dead llama competition.

Chocolate As A Meal

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, we like to structure our dates as an activity / meal.

We use the word “meal” very flexibly. A date-meal could actually be sitting down at a cafe for a coffee, heading to a pub for a drink, getting some ice cream or even sitting down in the park and chomping on a bar of chocolate. While it may not be the healthiest meal choice, it’s a fine and dandy snack to enjoy with your date.

Chocolate As A Gift

I once knew a man who did not like chocolate. A more damning afflication I know not. Save that one poor soul, everyone likes chocolate. That means everyone likes getting chocolate. That means giving chocolate is one of those perfect gifts that the receiver will most certainly enjoy…

A well timed gift of chocolate to a woman who enjoys gifts and who’s earned will go a long way.

The key to remember is – has she earned the chocolate?

Giving gifts just to try to make a girl like you doesn’t work (although she might like the gifts) and usually results in her respecting you less.

But take a girl who already likes you and give/feed her chocolate as a reward for her good behavior… That’s much more powerful.

Better yet, have her bring YOU chocolate and then reward her with…

Sex And Chocolate

Some say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. We’re not really sure if that’s true or not, but we have found that busting out chocolate during breaks in sexytime does do the following:

  • Chocolate gives you / her a chance to recover while snacking on something that tastes good
  • It goes good with water, another essential supply to consume during sexytime breaks
  • Also, it’s been well documented by scientists that chocolate gives you a quick mood / energy boost
  • You can use it to segue into food play, smearing chocolate all over each other and then licking it off

All of these functions make chocolate arguably one of the best consumable substances to bring to bed.