Men, you may be nervous to pose that big question, and the very thought of it may give you the heeby-geebies. The good news is that you are not limited to one strategy of doing so, and a more creative method of your proposing may put your nerves at ease.You can rest soundly knowing you will most likely wow your partner with your thoughtful way of asking to marry her.

Moreover, the time your other half is proposed to is one she will always remember. Thus, you don’t want it to be bland. In addition, you will express to your partner that you cherish your memories together by showing her your thoughtful side. Just some approaches you can take when planning to ask a phenomenal person to spend her life with you are:

  • The Surprise Tactic. Place the ring in a bouquet of roses, in a place you know she will look or in a new purse you give her. Similarly, you could spring vacation tickets on her and make your long-awaited inquiry there, ask a jet pilot to write your proposal in the clouds or drop the question as you serenade her in a quaint café. No matter what you plan, the surprise technique will leave your unsuspecting companion speechless.
  • The Sentimental Sale. A scrapbook of memories, in which the last page has that special request scrawled on it; dinner at her favourite place before asking said question; question on a piece of paper, inside a locket with a photo of you together. When you request her to be your bride in a thoughtful manner, she’ll not only be impressed that you remember countless times you’ve spent together, but she’ll also think you’re incredibly sweet.
  • The Sweet Route. You could always ask your significant other that all-important question by having a painter paint the words while she thinks she is receiving a self-portrait, by writing it in the sand or by placing a note in an empty wine bottle, which she thinks is full. This approach will make your partner feel more special than if you had bluntly requested her love for the rest of your lives.

As an anonymous author once said, “I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance, a church filled with family and friends. I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for, [and h]e said one that would make me his wife.” You may recognize that the most important thing about engagement is the person whom you plan to wed. On the other hand, nowadays it is very common for men to plan extravagant displays of affection before asking women to be their brides. Thus, you may disappoint your sweetheart with a simple “Will you marry me?”

To avoid making your lover feel like chop liver next to her friends whose husbands proposed in extraordinary ways, you could prepare an out-of-this-world proposal. If you choose only one day to be romantic, your proposing in a thoughtful manner will have your partner think of you as dreamy for eternity.

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