5 Reasons Your Next Relationship Will Fail

Unless you live in the Southern hemisphere, it’s Autumn; everything outside is wet, dark and cold. Most people are feeling lethargic and staying in a lot. As loneliness begins to creep in, singles start looking for someone special to spend these cold months with; thus, cuffing season begins. Cuffing season is when people – even […]

When She Says, “Let’s Just Be Friends”

To a man romantically interested in a woman, few phrases are harder to hear than “let’s just be friends.” It’s a rejection made even more painful because it creates a glimmer of hope, giving no closure but leving many questions. Does she really want to be friends? Will she eventually see how good you’d be together if […]

How to Meet a Woman in a Shop

As you know, we are huge advocates of meeting women during the day. There’s no loud music, they’re sober (at least we hope the women you’re approaching are!) and there’s no competition from other guys. However, a lot of guys only learn how to approach women one way during the day and this is as […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Dating Online

Whilst we advocate real-life encounters over internet dating, it is an increasingly popular way for people to meet, particularly for busy professionals or those lacking in confidence. We’ve come across plenty of people who have experienced great success using internet dating, however we’ve also seen many real life profiles that leave a lot to be […]

How To Win A Guy Over

Over the long hard Road of Romance, there’s a good chance you’ve probably found a guy that wasn’t ready to show you how much he wanted to be with you. You know you have to open his heart to you, and all you want to know is how to win a guy over. And you’d […]