Are you interesting? Can you hold up your end of a conversation? What do you do after you say “Hello”?

What if you don’t have much to say after “Isn’t this a nice day”?

Maybe that’s why so many women allow a relationship to become sexual so fast – they can’t think of anything to talk about! Just as you will be essentially interviewing guys for the life job as your partner, they will be interviewing you for a similar position. Both of you want to pick someone who will hold your interest.

A good number of single men are looking for a companion. While most for sure want an intimate sexual partner, the sexual part really doesn’t last take that long. What will the two of you do in between?

These guys want someone they can talk to about things that interest them. And they want a companion who has her own interests that they can learn about and be stimulated by. Often, these fellas like to do fun things and want a partner who will enjoy these favorite activities, too.

The World:

Most men have at least some idea of what’s in the news, the local, national, and world situation. Do you read a weekly newsmagazine and a daily paper? Could you hold up your end of a political discussion?

You could start keeping yourself informed by reading a decent newspaper – and I don’t mean the “National Inquirer”. Adding a general newsmagazine like Newsweek or Time would go a long way.

Listen to the TV news now and then, or better yet, Public Broadcasting for more in-depth analysis. If you commute to work, National Public Radio has great morning and late afternoon news shows with lots of interesting stories every day. What a good way to enrich yourself during your otherwise blotto drive! And you’ll have something interesting to contribute over a dinner date as well!

The Arts:

artDo you have a sense of what is going on in popular culture? How many movies have you been to lately? Do you go to concerts and plays, performances locally or in a nearby city?

Or is your idea of culture watching an old movie on TV with a take out pizza? Nothing wrong with that – maybe that’s one of your interests that makes you unique: Old movie buff. If you like to watch sports on TV, so much the better. Plenty of guys would be glad to join you on the sofa. It’s not a bad idea at all to have some idea of what’s going on in the sports world.

The weekly periodicals, the New York Times, and National Public Radio will also keep you informed of new books and cultural happenings. Do you always have a book or two or more that you are reading and an idea of what you would like to read next? Do you keep up with current best selling fiction, throwing in an occasional non-fiction or historical book as well? At least scan the book reviews so you know what everyone else is reading.

The Crafts:

Do you have any interests or hobbies, maybe gardening, decorating your home, or some kind of handcraft? Perhaps you used to have a fascination years ago that you have left behind. This would be a great time to refresh your interest. Or perhaps you’ve wanted to try something new for awhile now – how about taking a wood-working course?

Men are interested in women who are interesting. And you are more interesting if you are interested – eventually in them, but first in something interesting. What are you interested in getting interested in?

How about cooking, perhaps a type of regional food? Or might you develop an expertise in wine or herbs? Perhaps you have old family recipes, special dishes that are traditional favorites. You could offer to cook your specialty for a new beau – a double win!

Maybe you have a talent for cake decorating – now, there’s a cheery direction! Cake decorators get to go to weddings, and weddings are a great place to meet other singles. Get out those pastry tubes and whip up some butter cream frosting! And there is more that you can do with butter cream than frost a cake. . .

Something Sporty:

sportymanWhat would it take to get you moving? Do you do any outdoor activities – hiking, canoeing, or sailing? Play any games or team sports?

The only sport I’ve ever loved is racquetball. I love the game because it is fast, gets over quick, is fun, and you get to take a shower right afterwards. Drew and I have been playing racquetball a time or two a week for the last year. Actually, what I REALLY like is the walk out to the car after we’ve finished and showered. Sometimes we stop at a drive-in for a cold drink to top things off.

We find more and more activities that we can do together, because he likes my company, I like his, and we have fun together. And the exercise is good for us. Even though sometimes the agenda is a bit more rigorous than I like, I push myself and go – usually.

What would you be willing to do that a male partner might already be doing? What physical activity might you be passionate about that your guy might like to learn?

Heart to Heart with Your Romance Coach:

We all are soft touches for someone who is interested in us. The most charming attribute you can likely have is interest in the man you are with. Cultivate your curiosity, and at the same time, gather a bounty of information about him. You’ll need it.