Dating a Man With Kids

It’s possible that dating a man with kids is one of the most complicated things to deal with in a relationship. But it can also be one of the most gratifying and amazing accomplishments. There’s a lot to be interested in. After all if you don’t have kids of your own, you might like the […]

How To Use A Conversation Piece to Jumpstart Your Social Life

con·ver·sa·tion [ kònvər sáysh’n ] casual talk: an informal talk with somebody, especially about opinions, ideas, feelings, or everyday matters talking: the activity of talking to somebody informally informal talk about issue: an informal talk about something involving representatives from various interested groups Have you ever noticed that some people, no matter where they are, […]

How Blogging Gurus Feed You B.S.

How does a man become successful? There are many different ways that a man’s success is measured by today’s society. Some are considered successful if they make millions of dollars. Others are considered successful if they gain financial freedom by leaving Corporate America yet still manage to take care of their family. The latter is […]

Bahumbug To The Whiny Men

Dear whiny men, There was a time that I used to feel bad for you and could understand why you felt sad and lonely. I know how painful it can be when the holidays roll around and you feel left out when everybody shows up with their significant others. You feel like you get up […]

A Cave Man’s Way To Attract Women

Hey CaveMan. We all know you’re responsible for inventing the wheel, discovering fire and teaching other guys how to bash women on the head with a club. You deserve credit for all those accomplishments – but when it comes to attracting women, we need to talk. Yes, we all know that an old Geico commercials […]

Why Men Are Little Boys

Many women complain about not understanding men and always ask why they act the way they do. The answer is simple and I’ll sum it up for you. Inside each man is a frightened little boy who’d love to come out and get a little attention. Picture a little boy in a classroom sitting in […]