Tweets From Between The Sheets

Young women today might be called Generation O, for “OMG, I had an orgasm, and now I need to overshare.” We’ve been reading Cosmo since we got our training bras, and we can’t help but incorporate the mag’s ballsy tell-all style into our everyday lives. Then Carrie Bradshaw and company came along, and they were like our big […]

Break up and Move On

Overall when it comes to reading advice on being forever alone single, dealing with men and dating/relationship advice, it normally goes in one little drunken ear and out the other. “Ten fashion trends men hate … NEXT “It’s a huge turn off when you … NOPE “Men think you should stop … OOOH LOOK, ‘CLUELESS’ IS ON I prefer to […]

Meditations on Relationships | blog

For human beings, relationships with others are one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences we have in our lifetimes. We form spiritual, physical and emotional relationships internally and with others on a daily basis, which last anywhere from fleeting moments to many years. Nurturing these relationships and maintaining their individual health can be, at […]

Dating Tips for Food-Allergic Teens

When people with severe food allergies – especially teens – date someone new, they need to tell their date how life-threatening it can be if either of them eats the food allergen. Here are some things to keep in mind… Kissing and Food Allergies Just because you have a food allergy doesn’t mean you have […]

Modern Biracial Dating In America

Scandal and drama once surrounded the mere mention of biracial relationships, but today the topic would not even garner a reaction in most modern social circles. Two people walking hand-in-hand across a college campus might attract attention if one sports a green Mohawk and the other wears purple pigtails, but not because their hands are […]

How To: Make Moving Suck Less

Let’s face it: moving sucks. Whether you are moving from a small apartment or a huge house, getting all of your stuff from point A to point B is a pain in the ass. I should know, I just packed all of my treasures up and hulled them from one city to another and yes, […]