Have you ever noticed how some females never worry about having a date or a boyfriend? Some of these women are very pretty…but often, some are not. Their magnetism isn’t about their looks.

What exactly are the qualities that men go for? And…can you develop them? If you would like to be the girl that every guy falls in love with, here are the universal truths found in every woman who attracts and keeps the man she wants:


Men are visual creatures. They are drawn to a woman who takes exquisite care of her nails, hair, skin, and teeth. She cares about how she looks in her clothes, which is usually subtle, rather than suggestive and shouting, “Here I am!”

She may not look like a movie star but she’s okay with that. She feels that she is attractive enough to date anyone she wants. (Dating statistics show that 67% of U.S. men find that someone who smiles a lot is more captivating than someone who is just physically attractive.)

An irresistible woman has a quiet attitude of self worth that is enticing. The more you hang out with her, the prettier she gets. What exactly is it that makes her pretty? Her femininity! This is what makes a guy feel even more masculine.


An irresistible woman is someone who has found the traits and innate abilities she was born with and has honed them with hard work. Whether she can draw, cook, or add columns of numbers, she has turned it into a career. She has either gone to school for training or worked with a mentor. Consequently, she is good at what she does and she’s proud of it.

She doesn’t feel a need to brag but she doesn’t keep silent about it when asked. She shares the facts that show she has distinguished herself in her profession. She never flashes a big ego, which is a turn off.

Confidence, which has grace and ease, is sexy.


You know why this girl can get any guy she wants? It’s because she’s a great friend and she has great friends. She’s fun and funny, she’s up for an adventure, she keeps her word, and you can count on her. She doesn’t let people take advantage of her and she is loyal to those she cherishes. EVERYONE wants to be around her because they feel good in her presence.


Because this woman is accomplished and feminine, when she takes care of you, it feels delicious. She fluffs your pillows when you sit on her sofa, bakes cookies or bread that fill the house with a heavenly aroma, and pots flowers for the front door. She’s “nesty.” Her home is an oasis away from the noisy world. When she turns her nurturing powers on, men will swim shark-infested oceans to get to her.


It’s a sad and defeating situation when a woman is so insecure, she can’t stop talking. Many people talk all the time because they don’t feel like they are enough. An irresistible woman does not try to fill the air with words. Men love women who smile at them and ask questions about their work and their lives. Women who get asked out a lot know how to listen to their answers.

Unfortunately, the women who talk all the time are unaware of what they are doing. If guys don’t call you back, ask your best friend why they think that is so. Be sure and listen.


Being pitiful is not attractive. One of my clients said he met a gorgeous woman on the Internet. On their three-hour date, she talked non-stop about all the men in her past. She said they had treated her like a weed in a garden: pulled her out, roots and all, and thrown her away.

She finished her long story with, “So, I hope YOU aren’t going to be like that!” My client said he couldn’t wait to get home. He never called her again. (Statistically, if a guy doesn’t call within three days, there is a 97% chance he will never call.)

The irresistible woman is not looking for a guy to make up to her all she has suffered. She carries her sorrows in life with wisdom and class. She’s happy in the moment and excited about tomorrow.

With over 46% of the adult population in the U.S. listed as unmarried, there are more singles now than ever before. You have every opportunity to date and find the love of your life. If you want to attract someone fabulous, read the above. Learn how to become one of the women who is irresistible to men. You can do it.