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Imagine the CEO of a huge corporation has a major speech to make to ten thousand employees in the morning. He stays up all night writing notes to prepare his presentation. The next day, he arrives to work extra early and calls all of his top executives and best writer into his office. His speech needs to be precise, clear and convincing. Right before he gives his amazing speech, he heads to the bathroom and looks into the mirror. Splashing water onto his face, he tells himself he can do this. After all, he’d gone through much worse than this in order to become CEO. Even though his heart is pounding and his palms are sweaty, he heads out to the stage and gives one hell of a speech.

Here’s a guy who gets it. He understands the power of being social. How do you think he became the CEO of the corporation he works for. What started out with working in the mail room has turned into a career that even he didn’t anticipate from the beginning.

Like our government, companies are run by politics. You will notice that many people in your company rarely get raises or promotions although they are usually the ones who are busy working and never hanging out socializing by the water cooler. What’s the problem, you may wonder?

Consider the people who do hang out by the water cooler socializing. They walk into work early in the morning and take the time to say hi to everyone and shake hands. Next they head to the break room, pour themselves a cup of coffee and ask all the bosses and co-workers how their weekend was. From there, they talk about sports, family matters and their holiday plans. After work, they all meet at the neighborhood bar down the street and have a few drinks and grilled food together.

If you are one of the people who work ten times harder than anybody else, you may very well despise these people. When you get to work in the morning, you head directly to your desk and get straight to work. Instead of pouring cup after cup of coffee, you are already half-way done with the marketing plan that has to be handed in by Friday, but because you love your job you are way ahead of schedule. You find the constant chit chatting and ball tossing in the office to be annoying. And while they’re hanging out after work, you’re working overtime in order to finish up the extra work that the slackers never had time to get to. To add insult to injury, while you keep going unnoticed, the ones who waste time socializing seem to get all the raises and promotions.

Unlike the CEO, you just don’t get it. People not only love to socialize, they need it, they crave it. Why do you think websites such as Instagram and Facebook became so popular? And of course let’s not forget the newest player to the game, Twitter, which allows anyone to post up to the minute updates with one hundred and forty characters or less. Who would’ve thought a thing that allows so few characters would become so well liked? Maybe it’s because people like to be connected to others twenty four/seven.

There are also many books on the subject available on Amazon. Books are a great place to start if you are not accustomed to being very social, because they allow you to start with simple interactions and advance to more adventurous ones at your own pace. Just make sure that the book that you choose has a lot of high ratings.

How to Get Your Boyfriend Back? A Million Dollar Question

A break up could mean the end of the world for many of you. However this difficult phase too will pass, if you handle it wisely instead of making a mountain out of a mole hill.  Intense melodrama and heavy emotions can put off your ex whereas a casual and plain talk would fail to get connected. Hit the middle way for the best results.

Don’t try to take any revenge to settle your scores with your ex boyfriend. Never commit the mistake of dating another guy just to make your ex envious as it is not going to work out any way. It would only distance him from you and could lead to a permanent break up. Swearing, crying and grumbling will not only let you fail to win your guy back but also could influence your personality very badly. Try to be normal and be in total control of your feelings.

Make sure that you are keen on building up the relation and earnestly waiting for his presence in your life. The best approach would be to behave normally and casually without showing any hatred or awful emotions on your face and move along with him like a friend. It could bring back nostalgic thoughts in your man and it will be only a matter of time before he thinks that it could be nice to be with you.

Make sure that you do not back bite or complaint about your ex boy friend to your mutual friends as these could reach his ears. So, play safe and discuss only the good moments you had together so that in case it reaches your ex, it will only do good and will not hamper the compromise process.

Win over his friends as they can be part of breaking up and mending up processes. Friends might have influenced your ex boy friend in the past so they can do it again for a good cause and all you need to so is to convey the message that you are not as bad as they might have thought in the past. The rest is their game and in all probability they will start talking good about you at your back and this would greatly make the relationship repair easier.

The break up may make you revengeful and harsh on him, but may not be of much help. Try to be understanding and supportive in critical moments and be a true friend in times of need. This would help him recall the past when he enjoyed your limitless support and its effect on his life.

Memory is indeed a good thing that will help your ex boyfriend see light. Help him remember pleasant things of the past, without forcing things down his throat. Funny, romantic, exciting or crazy, bring out those old stories with ease from the treasure trove of your life and see how hatred and misunderstandings melt away into thin air!

Think of the pastimes and hobbies that you both shared and create circumstances where you can do it again. Make sure that you manipulate the settings without seeming too obvious and artificial. If you find yourself with your ex in a group of friends, you can suggest a leisure activity that had a special place in your past life. Be it badminton or beach volleyball or Frisbee, just drop a suggestion and chances are that he will participate in the activity with great enthusiasm. What if the group decides against it, your ex will even then be reminded that the two of you share something special and unique.

Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

Has he stopped texting you right back? Has he stopped calling you? You might be wondering, is he pulling away from you?

  • Maybe he’s just pulling back a little bit…
  • He isn’t texting as much or calling as much…
  • Or maybe he’s pulling back a lot…
  • Maybe he’s completely ghosted you…

Unfortunately this situation is much more common than ever before.

signs he is pulling away from your relationship Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

And one of the worst things happens when a man does start pulling away: Usually the woman starts to go into denial.

Men are even worse at this to be truthful. Most guys don’t even notice that the woman is pulling away until she’s already found another relationship. (Talk about clueless, huh?)

But you don’t want to be caught off-guard. You have heightened instincts about how engaged a man is in your relationship. And you’re right to trust your intuition.

The really dangerous relationship dynamic that happens is this:

  •  He starts to pull away
  •  You become more grateful for what relationship still remains
  •  You start chasing him more and more
  •  He starts to pull away more and more, and your panic increases

You can imagine where this ends up. Usually in a breakup.

Finding out if he is pulling away from you is essential if you want to save your relationship.

Just think of all the emotions you go through when you start to worry about your relationship:

  • Desperation
  • Anger
  • Insecurity
  • Fear
  • Panic

Your emotional state is compromised and it makes it difficult sometimes to even work or function correctly.

And then the next thing happens:

“You wonder why he would pull away from you when all you’ve done is shown him love and how great of a partner you are.”

Sometimes this even makes you want to prove it more, so you chase and push more.

It’s a deadly spiral, and it usually ends up in a breakup.

Sometimes this even creates a victim mentality for women. They start to believe that men are always “doing this” to them. They see themselves as always doing right by him, but he seems to always mistreat her.

08 Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

I’ll warn you up front that I’m not going to give you the usual answers in this article.

In fact, you may have to look at yourself a little bit. If I didn’t show you these things, I wouldn’t be doing my job.

In fact, I’d be a disgrace if I didn’t tell you what men really think and feel when this happens.

You owe it to yourself to know the truth about why men pull away.

You’ve probably even heard a bunch of reasons why this is happening from all the other advisors out there:

  • He’s a commitment-phobe (check out some of my other articles on this)
  • He’s cheating on you (again, not that common in the first few months of a new relationship)
  • He’s focused on work and stressed about it (this one isn’t always wrong, but there’s more to it)
  • You got a problem with communication (again, possible, but there’s way more to it)
  • He’s gay (maybe, but not likely)
  • You’re needy and insecure and you drove him off
  • He’s immature and not ready for a real relationship
  • He’s hiding his feelings from you because he’s “scared” of his feelings (doesn’t happen – this is a rationalization)

Sure, some of these things could be true. But most likely your situation is a little more complicated.

Or, then again, it might not!

One of the things I have to discuss with my coaching clients is that:

No matter how unique they think their situation is, someone has had it millions of times before.

There are no unique love problems in the world.

dating relationship tips what do when boyfriend husband pulls away Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

We all want to believe our problems are totally new and unique. We think this way because we are the ones experiencing the emotions of them.

“No one else can be experiencing this! It’s MY problem!”

But the truth is completely different.

And then if you start to argue for your complex relationship problems, you start to defend them and make them unsolvable.

This is really big and you should think about that for a moment:

Are you possibly making things more complicated than they actually are?

Okay, so you came here for some tips.

Let’s talk about how to handle it when you’re wondering, is he pulling away from you?

But first I want to tell you why he might be doing this – reasons you might not know about:

WHY IS HE PULLING AWAY? #1: He knows what it will do – and that it works

He may not be doing this to hurt you intentionally, but most guys know that when they pull away women typically rush in to pull him back to her.

And once he gets used to this pattern, it’s just like training him. He won’t consciously think about it, but he knows that he gets to make you chase him every time it happens.

It goes without saying that this is not a good idea. When a guy pulls away from you, he needs to be trained to come back to you. And the only way you can do that is by giving him the space he seems to need.

04 Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

IMPORTANT:  If you’ve made it a habit of jumping in and pulling men back when they show some reluctance, you should take some time to check in with yourself about why you do that. Where does that anxiety come from?

WHY #2: He’s Still Not Over HER

Yeah, her. You know who I’m talking about. That woman you might not have admitted exists. His last girlfriend.

It’s very possible that you got involved with a man that wasn’t quite finished with his last relationship. Women do this, and men do this.

So the truth is that he may be pulling away from you because he’s still very drawn to an old flame.

You have to look back and see if there was evidence that pointed to another woman still being in the picture.

  • How long was it since his last relationship?
  • How did it end?
  • How quickly did he get involved with you?

Look back on the pattern of your relationship and see if this might be the case – that he’s still not over her and you’re just a ‘better-than-nothing’ to tide him over.

He might genuinely love you, but if he’s not yet let go of her you probably don’t stand a chance.

WHY #3: He’s (Still) Afraid

Sure, it’s possible that he is actually afraid of a significant relationship with you. These could be his own fears, or they could be fears from his past.

But they don’t mean that he’s commitment phobic. He’s just more cautious than you are about moving forward.

why men pull away from relationships how to stop him Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

REMEMBER: The person who is going the slowest in a relationship usually controls the commitment in the relationship.

You need to find out if these are fears he’s willing to conquer or if they are fears that will ultimately drive him away. If you can get them out in the open, you can deal with them.

They must be exposed to the light of day – where they will wither away.

In the end, if he is ruled by his fears, this could be a big red flag on your relationship. You need a man that can face his fears and overcome them if you want to get that commitment from him.

WHY #4: Does it really matter?

This one may be the toughest one to understand. But in the end, does it really matter why he’s pulling away?

Oh I know… You think that if you know what the reason is, this means you can fix it. You might think that knowing why will give you a secret peek into his thoughts and feelings for you.

When in fact you should be seeking out what his thoughts and feelings are in general. Sometimes his reservations have nothing to do with you.

And who knows, maybe you’ve never been able to figure out why he pulled this little stunt of his before.

But the truth is, if he does pull away from you, usually he will come back. It’s very rare that you’ve done something that will make him run away forever.

But unfortunately, you probably feel like he will.

Which brings us to my tips for when he’s pulling away from you…

TIP 1: Even if you made a mistake, why did it blow up?

reasons men pull away from relationships Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

Here’s a truth that not many dating advisors will tell you:

Let’s say you’ve been in a relationship with a guy and it was “so good,” and then you made a slight slip up, and he pulled away from you.

What does it say about a guy who has a good relationship and then one small slip up makes him back away from a relationship?

You’d be right to think that he must have some issues of his own. And yes, it is a red flag.

As a rule, most guys can handle a few mistakes at the start of a relationship, IF he really likes you.

But if he doesn’t really like you as much as you think he does, he will easily be spooked. He will chicken out.

And, frankly if he does, be glad you found this out before you married him. Imagine being in a committed relationship and this pressure builds up until he just freaks out, pulls away from you, and abandons you.

Mistakes happen in relationships. As long as you’re not prone to excessively needy and insecure behavior, where your anxiety gets the better of you, you should be able to work your way through these rough patches just fine.

TIP #2: Don’t Panic!

The worst thing you can do when a guy is pulling away from you is to lose control of your emotional state. When you panic, you’re likely to do stuff that will endanger your relationship.

And it doesn’t matter what’s going on with him. If you can’t control your emotional state, you could very easily lose complete control of the relationship.

TIP #3: Don’t Assume The Worst

Look, chances are he’s only taking a brief break. Most guys do this automatically.

(If you want to know why, take a look at the Connection Code)

The big mistake is to rush in and try to save something that doesn’t need saving. If he’s of a mind to rest and recharge himself from the relationship, the worst thing you can do is to interfere with that.

Again, most men don’t pull away from the relationship – they pull away from feeling compromised as a man.

It used to be that I could talk about each gender and the realities of what it means to be a man and a woman. Most people would understand this.

Most people were brought up to understand that men and women are different. The claim otherwise is completely insane.

But now we no longer live in those times so I must modify my message to make sure I can help you create kind of relationship you want. Just remember that no amount of disinformation will make your relationships work.

signs he is pulling away from you relationship Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

The Truth is the only thing that will set you free.

So don’t worry when he pulls away if it seems like there was no reason for it. Chances are there wasn’t.

And acting as if there was a reason will actually make him a little bit leery. It may not happen the first time, but eventually he’ll see a pattern and he’ll misinterpret this as insecurity.

In fact, he might actually be interpreting it correctly. Which would be way worse.

So before you send him 25 texts or call him 10 times tonight, take a deep breath and steady yourself.

Maybe you can call up a friend and vent. And then wait for him to eventually reconnect with you.

I explain why this is necessary in my Connection Code program. But it’s absolutely essential that you don’t rush to pull him back right away when he withdraws from you.

TIP #4: Quick! Blame HIM! (NOT)

Something your girlfriend’s might tell you to make you feel better is that you should immediately dump him.

Or maybe just tell you that “It’s not your fault, he’s just another Bad Man!”

Look – I won’t kid you. The quality of men today is not what it used to be.

signs men give when interested in dating women Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

Where have all the good men gone?

If you look around you, you can see that masculinity is in short supply. Guys just aren’t Man-ing Up anymore.

And I also realized this probably is something you probably already knew.

But in truth, guys are not without Redemption. The same goes for women, of course.

But one thing you don’t want to do is fall into the habit of pointing your blame at him as a way of dealing with your shock.

It’s a very easy pattern to fall into. If someone doesn’t behave the way you expect them to, one of the instinctive knee-jerk reactions is to either blame them or blame yourself.

Your girlfriends mean well. They want to support you. So they’ll make sure to boost you up any way they can.

But they really don’t know what happened on the inside of your relationship. And they absolutely don’t know that it was his fault.

Still, they will go there because it’s easy to do that. It’s always easier to blame the other person.

But don’t fall for it if you know that there’s more to the story than this.

TIP #5: Also Don’t Blame Yourself!

Again remember that if he decided to pull away, or emotionally pulled back, that was his reaction. You may not have done anything bad.

missing ex boyfriend how to get him back Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

There are a lot of relationship Gurus out there who will tell you that everything is your fault as the woman. And that’s not true either!

It’s usually a combination of the two of you. Perhaps you moved in a bit quickly, and maybe he wasn’t emotionally capable of telling you that this freaked him out a little bit, and he pulled back unnecessarily.

But don’t let your inner guilt overwhelm you. Instead, point forward and go forward!

TIP #6: Don’t Rewrite Your History

Something else is easy to do is to misinterpret his pulling away as meaning that you never knew him in the first place. There’s this quick Panic that sets in that if he could just pull back like this, that means everything you believed about your relationship is wrong.

  • This isn’t a betrayal.
  • This doesn’t mean the end of your relationship..
  • This isn’t the end of the world.
  • This doesn’t even mean that he doesn’t love you

The only thing it means is that he is trying to adjust and meet his own needs. If this throws you for a loop, then the best thing to do would be to be an open, loving ear for him. Someone he can talk to and open up to.

Ultimately, that’s exactly what he needs from you as a life partner.

TIP #7:  Maybe It’s Not About YOU

I don’t mean to diminish your emotional response. But perhaps he’s pulling away because of things that are going on inside of him. Men often retreat in relationships when they feel that they have something they need to deal with.

how to save relationship from breakup Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

Guys deal with things in sequence. Not simultaneously. We’re not multi-taskers.

Especially not in relationships.

Probably the most important thing you can do is to simply open up to him during this time of distance.

If he hasn’t cut you off completely –  which by the way is relatively rare –  then you should be able to express how you want to hear him and help him.

So if you want to go the long distance with him, you need to make sure he feels safe with you – safe enough to tell you why he pulled away.

TIP #8: Did You Make Him Feel Necessary?

Women have made significant strides in their equality with men. And yes most men absolutely appreciate your strength and Independence. There are very few men out there who are of the “dinosaur misogynist” variety.

However, men still need to feel like they are a necessary part of your life.

Many women don’t know this, or weren’t taught it by their mothers. The old school way of learning about men seems to be disappearing quickly.

That’s why I want to remind you of it here.

Men still need to feel needed by the woman in his life. it’s easy to overlook this in light of your Independence. But men still have a very strong desire to provide for you and be necessary in your life.

And frankly, why shouldn’t he? You both can make each other feel necessary to each other.

10 Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

This is one of those things that he may not tell you about. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because he doesn’t know how to.  He’s probably not even aware what’s going on inside.

That’s why you have to watch out that you don’t make him feel like he’s just a convenient accessory. He really needs to feel like he’s absolutely necessary to you.

That you need him.

You don’t have to pretend you are inadequate or just another Damsel in Distress. In fact you don’t have to play at anything.

You just have to be willing to make him feel as needed and necessary as you feel he is.

TIP #9: He’s Recharging…

The real reason most men pull away from a relationship is so that he can reconnect with his sense of masculinity. (Again, I explain this in complete detail in my Connection Code program where I discuss the nature of men and how we connect.)

He simply needs to recharge. And men do this recharging alone.

To a guy, a relationship can be both tremendously connecting and validating, and also very confusing. Sometimes he has to pull back to “check in” with himself about his feelings and identity.

It has nothing to do with your relationship. In fact, once he’s done he will come back stronger than ever.

But if you pressure him to come back before he’s ready, you will be denying him his recharge. And that’s when he pulls away most.

TIP #10: Did You Miss Something?

It’s always possible that there were signs he wasn’t satisfied. And it’s possible you may have missed them.

relationship advice what to do when boyfriend pulls away from you Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

There are four behavioral patterns associated with relationships in trouble:

  • 1. Globally criticizing your partner’s personality
  • 2. Responding defensively to your partner’s criticism
  • 3. Conveying the belief that your partner is beneath you
  • 4. Refusing to engage with your partner’s concerns

These patterns are what is known as The Four Horsemen of the Relationship Apocalypse, from the work of John Gottman.

If you’ve noticed any of these patterns coming up in your relationship, there’s a good chance this may be why he’s pulling away from you and the relationship.

There are a lot of blind spots in relationships. It can be hard to see something  you… well, you didn’t see the first time.

In order to see these things, you have to understand what men want in love and commitment. If you don’t know how men think and how they connect, you’ll probably find yourself in relationship after relationship.

None of your relationships will last much more than a few months.

If you’re sick and tired of this pattern – of men ghosting you, disappearing, withdrawing from your relationship, or just pulling away from you, it’s time you found out exactly how to make him come back to you.

  • Do you want him to feel like you’re The One?
  • Do you want him to finally get down on his knees and beg you to be his?
  • Do you want him to change that look in his eyes from disinterest to pure DESIRE?

Then you need to know what his Connection Code is…

To discover the secret that is reviving women’s relationships everywhere, go here… 

PRODUCT Connection Code Is He Pulling Away From You? 10 Tips To Save Your Relationship

Discover His Connection Code

Keep Your Relationship Alive | blog

You have been dating your sweetheart for several years. In fact, you are very happy with your partner. The only issue that concerns you, though, is that your relationship has gotten stale. You are tired of your typical routine and you want to show your other half you care in inventive, amusing ways.

All hope is not lost when it comes to making romance thrilling. Like many people, you may not think of them, but there are great ways to make your relationship more fun while earning extra points with your partner. This revamp of your love life merely requires a combination of chivalry and spontaneity.

When you plan a thoughtful surprise for your significant other, your flame may be awed by your sweetness and blown away by your unpredictable nature. And of course, you too can enjoy the last-minute adventures you spring on your darling. Here’s just some advice on how to make your relationship more exhilarating:

Hide notes.

By placing sweet notes, poems and/or songs you have written about your better half in areas where your sweetie is destined to look but not expecting to find them, your romantic companion may find you irresistibly charming. In addition, you may find delight in planting this pleasant surprise.

Surprise your partner.

Of course every day is a bit too often, but every once in a while, it is nice to surprise your partner with a small gift, out of the blue. Just some gift ideas include: flowers, items your partner has mentioned, jewellery, a home-cooked meal and chocolates – Ferrero Rochers can often be purchased in packages of three.

Plan that getaway.

If your partner has brought up a place that s/he wants to go and you have the money, then present him/her with trip tickets. Even if you two embark on a road trip or journey to a nearby city, you will enjoy your efforts thoroughly. This venture is a stress-reliever and a last-minute activity all in one.

The above ideas are just some ways to make your relationship more electrifying while showing your partner your thoughtful, caring side. According to relationship expert Barbara De Angelis, “The more connections you and your [other half] make […] between your minds, your hearts, and your souls, the more you will strengthen the fabric of your relationship, and the more real moments you will experience together.” This is true; there are everyday things you and your sweetie can partake in together, but every now and then you need to do something truly out-of-the-box to break the routine.

In addition, when you occasionally spoil your significant other or surprise him or her with a love letter or card, s/he is likely to be astounded by your thoughtfulness, excited by the gesture and feel appreciated. After all, it always feels good to show your honey that you are not like everyone else – that you’d go above and beyond for your sweetheart. Of course, splurging on your mate everyday can have disastrous effects – like not knowing whether s/he loves you for you or your amazing presents –but every once in a while, it is fun to treat your partner. Moreover, you’d be able to join in on the entertainment!

Find Your Right Match at Your Right Place

You may not necessarily be concerned with finding the “One” but the one for right now. On the other hand, you may be seeking the right person to date but want to do so in a more entertaining way than that to which you are accustomed. There are fun ways to meet potential dates, no matter what you seek. The following are just some ways of doing so:

Speed Dating

Speed dating is a fun way to meet potential dates. Not only does this activity keep you moving, but it is humorous as well. Jumping from table to table, moving between diverse personalities that you literally get to know in brief moments, may have you chuckling. In addition, the wide array of options increases your chances of meeting the right match for you.

Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing is a way to make the night fly by out of pure thrill. Some dance clubs even offer lessons for the inexperienced dancers. Make a new dance partner, and you just may find yourself a new romantic partner as well.

Getting a Friend to Set You Up

Another process people often use to meet new people is asking their friends to set them up. While this may be a last resort for some people, your being set up by friends can actually be an enjoyable experience. Not only will you get to meet someone new, but you will also be able to double date! And if you and your date aren’t compatible, at least you can still have a good time with your friend.

Replacing the Bar or Club

Instead of looking in your usual places to find love, like bars or clubs that may be breeding grounds for scum, try new, equally exciting venues instead. Tony Lee’s hypnotist shows as well as the concert of your choice are bound to be full of people. Moreover, you’ll have a good time while being there, so if your ideal other half doesn’t show up, you won’t be too disappointed.

Mingling at Home

If you’re not one for exploring the town, mingle in your living room instead! At-home gatherings can be quieter and cosier than hectic city environments. But you can still have a full guest list – whether it includes acquaintances, friends of friends or people whose numbers you’ve earned recently. Of course, your long-time friends are invited, too. Now, a room full of suitors – that could get awkward!

According to I. Ching, “Secret forces are bringing compatible spirits together. If the man permits himself to be led by this ineffable attraction, good fortune will come his way. When deep friendships exist, formalities and elaborate preparations are not necessary.” And he is correct. It is not advisable to go overboard when trying to find your perfect companion. In fact, you may stress yourself out unnecessarily or meet the wrong people. On the other hand, if you enjoy yourself – like at one of the places mentioned above – love may just find you.

A Proper Proposal | blog

Men, you may be nervous to pose that big question, and the very thought of it may give you the heeby-geebies. The good news is that you are not limited to one strategy of doing so, and a more creative method of your proposing may put your nerves at ease.You can rest soundly knowing you will most likely wow your partner with your thoughtful way of asking to marry her.

Moreover, the time your other half is proposed to is one she will always remember. Thus, you don’t want it to be bland. In addition, you will express to your partner that you cherish your memories together by showing her your thoughtful side. Just some approaches you can take when planning to ask a phenomenal person to spend her life with you are:

  • The Surprise Tactic. Place the ring in a bouquet of roses, in a place you know she will look or in a new purse you give her. Similarly, you could spring vacation tickets on her and make your long-awaited inquiry there, ask a jet pilot to write your proposal in the clouds or drop the question as you serenade her in a quaint café. No matter what you plan, the surprise technique will leave your unsuspecting companion speechless.
  • The Sentimental Sale. A scrapbook of memories, in which the last page has that special request scrawled on it; dinner at her favourite place before asking said question; question on a piece of paper, inside a locket with a photo of you together. When you request her to be your bride in a thoughtful manner, she’ll not only be impressed that you remember countless times you’ve spent together, but she’ll also think you’re incredibly sweet.
  • The Sweet Route. You could always ask your significant other that all-important question by having a painter paint the words while she thinks she is receiving a self-portrait, by writing it in the sand or by placing a note in an empty wine bottle, which she thinks is full. This approach will make your partner feel more special than if you had bluntly requested her love for the rest of your lives.

As an anonymous author once said, “I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance, a church filled with family and friends. I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for, [and h]e said one that would make me his wife.” You may recognize that the most important thing about engagement is the person whom you plan to wed. On the other hand, nowadays it is very common for men to plan extravagant displays of affection before asking women to be their brides. Thus, you may disappoint your sweetheart with a simple “Will you marry me?”

To avoid making your lover feel like chop liver next to her friends whose husbands proposed in extraordinary ways, you could prepare an out-of-this-world proposal. If you choose only one day to be romantic, your proposing in a thoughtful manner will have your partner think of you as dreamy for eternity.

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Alex Wise served over 5 years as relationship expert helping women from around the world figure out the men in their love lives from an honest, male perspective. Alex is one of the contributors and editors for dating website. He is passionate about thought leadership writing, and regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and online dating communities.

Group Datiquette | blog

You’ve witnessed a couple kissing away on the couch as your friends mingle, before. And you know it is customary for your friends to chat about how disgusted they were by the overly affectionate couple, after the event. In your new relationship, you want to avoid earning such a despicable reputation but don’t know how.

To be on the safe side, you may wish to forego all public displays of affection altogether. That means you’ve sworn off  hand-holding, pecks on the cheek, pecks on the lips, sitting on each other’s laps, make-out sessions, chewing each other’s necks off in public and the like. With all these elements of your relationship missing, you and your honey may feel as though you are strangers while you are away from the love nest. But the good news is that there are subtle ways of feeling connected with your partner in public without coming across as obnoxious.

So what are acceptable ways of warming up to your significant other while in public? Just some include:

Rubbing the back

This does not mean a full-out massage. Rather, your rubbing or patting your partner’s back briefly will reassure him or her of your feelings and make him or her feel desired.

Hand on the knee

Of course, it is not advisable to rest your hand there for the whole of the evening, but your placing your hand on your other’s half knee for a few moments reaffirms that you care.


Every once in a while, your throwing a smile at your romantic companion will make him or her feel welcome around you and not merely like a stranger in your group of pals.

Eye contact

Your connecting gazes with your partner lets him or her know s/he’s on your mind and acknowledged while the two of you are in public.

The almost-arm-wrap

In this move, your arm rests on the chair next to you, nearly around your honey, but casual enough not to sicken your friends with physicality.

The wink

Your sending a playful, affectionate wink your sweetie’s way may bring a smile to his or her face.

Pet names

You can still use cutesy nicknames for your romantic companion while out in public, as long as they are not explicit.

To portray a clean image of you and your partner to your social circle, you may wish to be less affectionate while out with a group. You have to admit most people are uncomfortable watching a couple kiss and caress in public. Your being discreet about your emotions will not only earn you respect with your friends, it will spare you embarrassment.

In addition, your partner may regard you even more highly when you respect him or her enough to avoid embarrassing him or her with over-the-top phone. And your friends will be glad you and your other half don’t physically boast about your happiness. Thus, you, your sweetie and your companions will be more comfortable when you and your significant other choose not to caress each other when you are all out together.

Relaxing Romantic Retreat: the Dominican Republic

If you and your sweetheart are planning on going away this summer, the Dominican Republic is a place where you can relax one day, enjoy thrilling activities the next or simply pamper your significant other. Surf, parasail, play volleyball, tan, swim, sleep, feast or curl up in a hammock together. Whatever you chose, you’ll be entertained.

Not only is the climate sizzling in the Dominican Republic, but the turquoise seas are remarkable to regard. And it is the perfect setting for romance! If you feel like feeding your dearest chocolate-dipped strawberries as you sit on a balcony overlooking the ocean, you’ve chosen the right place. In addition, the DR allows you other cute methods of expressing your affection to your partner, like writing your names in the sand, painting a portrait of your mate with the island as the backdrop, having a seaside dinner or simply spending alone time with your other half.

If you’re headed to the Dominican Republic, it is probably in your best interest to go the all-inclusive route. You get to enjoy unlimited amenities – beverages and food – at a fixed price. In addition, if you choose to stay at a resort, you can wander off to sister hotels of the resort, visiting their restaurants, casinos, pools, gyms – you name it – at no extra cost. Your staying at an all-inclusive resort allows you and your honey to fully enjoy the tropical destination without worrying about overspending.

Be warned, however: Your venturing off the resort can have dangerous consequences. Because residents of the island are generally poor, you run the risk of running into troublesome company by roaming the streets. In addition, your drinking Dominican tap water, which contains different microbes than many other nations, may cause your stomach to turn. Instead, purified bottled water is available in the hotels and resorts of the country, is used to cook the food served there and is used for making ice cubes. Furthermore, many Dominican men (locals or resort employees) choose to court North American women simply so that they can have the possibility of living in better conditions. This means if you’re bringing any single companions, it would be best to forewarn them!

Overall, the Dominican Republic is a pleasant place to visit. Not only is it always sunny, but the beauty of the island will steal your attention. The landscape makes a perfect backdrop for heart-melting, couple photos. Moreover, the climate is relatively comfortable – usually ranging between 24 and 28°C. The tropical destination offers a wide range of activities from lounging in the sun to scuba diving to dancing at clubs. With flights from Toronto to the Dominican ranging from $400-$550 and hotel stays beginning at $80 a night, you can add “visiting the Dominican Republic” to your itinerary. Jewelry; sculptures; paintings; beautiful, light, breezy clothing – the souvenirs you could bring back are endless and alluring. You’ve probably already concluded that the Dominican Republic is a thoroughly enjoyable couple’s utopia.

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Your Move-in Checklist | blog

Many people believe that a couple’s moving in together is the true test of their compatibility. This theory, however, is false. It is possible to predetermine whether or not a couple will enjoy living together by observing their everyday habits.

Although it may be hard to believe, there are many signs that a duo will bicker regularly when paired up in a living arrangement. Generally, if one is annoyed by his or her partner before the move-in, these slight nuisances will only heighten if the pair lives in the same quarters. Sometimes chemistry is just not enough to allow a pair eternal bliss.

Some things a couple planning to move in together should take into consideration are:

  • Each person’s individual neediness: If one’s partner demands more attention than s/he does, then the more secure individual may be turned off or even annoyed by his or her sweetheart’s extra affection. Such combinations of people don’t mix. If such a twosome choose to live together, the person desiring more space may become frustrated with the person demanding more of his or her time.
  • Each person’s patience level: Anger issues are a serious thing, and if one cannot control his or her internal rage, then s/he is a person to avoid, especially as a roommate. Because arguments can escalate to physical violence, especially with someone whose temper flares more often than not, one should steer clear of living with a partner who is easily irritable. In fact, perhaps the relationship should end when one’s angry ways are discovered, unless the often-irate person agrees to attend anger management seminars.
  • Each person’s level of common courtesy: Will one’s partner volunteer to wash the dishes? Does s/he have to be coaxed into doing the laundry? Does s/he sit on the couch and never help out? These are things to consider, unless one can handle doing all the housework. If one’s other half is not very helpful around the home, then a couple may argue often because of it. In addition, a person’s level of respect for their sweetie must be thought about before the pair move in, because a person’s blasting loud music while his or her mate is asleep is bound to cause a ton of upheaval, as well.

While some couples could take the hands-on route of determining their agreeability, why spend the time and energy? All a person really needs to know is that if a partner gets on his or nerves before the move-in, one will only be more aggravated seeing his or her significant other on a daily basis. And it is best to keep these nuisances to a minimum so that a couple experiences little to no verbal or physical abuse over the course of their relationship. Besides, relationships where pairs are always fighting or complaining are no fun. Alan Herbert said, “The conception of two people living together for twenty-five years without having a cross word suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep.” While it is correct that one’s living with a partner can be difficult, it can be easy – and enjoyable – if done with a suitable person.

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Alex Wise served over 5 years as relationship expert helping women from around the world figure out the men in their love lives from an honest, male perspective. Alex is one of the contributors and editors for dating website. He is passionate about thought leadership writing, and regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and online dating communities.

To Rent or to Buy the First-Time Love Nest?

One of the first questions a couple ponders about before moving in together is whether to rent or buy. A couple’s renting allows them no commitment, low payments, with a few restrictions: no pets; no changing the layout, meaning no new wall colours or renovations; and no loud noise. On the other hand, complete freedom to decorate and/or live comes with the price of buying a spacious home.

If a couple is moving in together for the first time, their renting may be their best option. Because a couple is living together for the first time, they most likely are just getting their lives on track, meaning their careers have just begun, and they will be away from their immediate families for the first time. This means the responsibility of purchasing a new home may overwhelm them. That’s why the safer route is to rent – the payments will be lower than if a twosome were to buy, and a newly-moved out couple may not be able to afford the full price of a house. In addition, a couple’s paying less money for a new home will alleviate them – a pair who may be dealing with a lot of new duties like cooking, doing laundry and cleaning – of a lot of stress. Even though there are limitations to renting a home, the rules a couple renting must live by are not that tough with which to deal. In fact, one’s being conscientious of a landlord’s sleep and preferences are similar to his or her being conscientious to that of a partner’s.

Although some couples may be financially secure enough to purchase their first home, why do they need all that space? Unless they already have children or have some on the way, there is no need to have a full-size house or townhome, for that matter. An apartment is just suitable for two people. After all, why does a duo need a dining room, basement, attic, computer room and more than one washroom if they won’t be using them? In addition, a larger home simply means more cleaning and more furniture to purchase. A rented apartment or condo is much more low-maintenance. Besides, smaller dwellings can be cozy. A couple may feel that a home too big for them is cold and empty. Moreover, a rented apartment will most likely be much closer to the nightlife of your city than a suburban home would be, allowing the renting couple to have frequent date nights.

Lower payments, the right size, city life, comfort, less stress. What more could a duo ask for? A couple’s renting their first home is the way to go. Of course there are advantages to a pair’s purchasing a home – like unlimited interior design options, the ability to be loud and the choice to have pets – but in the long-run the maintenance of a house is overwhelming for just two people. A pair’s renting is a low-stress, affordable, comfortable option.