Delectable Drink Date: Dining Indoors

Want the equivalent of a club date without all the expenses of parking, coat check, gas and a new outfit? Seeking that fun date idea that won’t have you facing any lineups in the chilly air outside? Want to see your friends and sweetheart without any noise, crowds or sweat involved? Your drinking at home with your pals and romantic companion is just the way do so. But how can you enjoy yourself as much on such a night equally or more so than during a night in the city? You will find the answer in such an event’s versatility – mix drinks to create flavours your taste buds will recognize, create your own mixed drink, play drinking games, play regular games like “Truth or Dare” while sipping on some liquor or – if you’re feeling low-energy – watch television or play board games while downing shots.

One benefit to a drink date at home is that you get to create drinks in flavours you enjoy. Similarly, you could customize a drink to reflect your personality. For instance, if you’re a wildcard, add many, different flavours to your drink – such as banana, chocolate, mango, kiwi and just a touch of vanilla icecream – then blend, and a bit of liquor. In addition, you could impress a love interest by mixing a drink with flavours that s/he enjoys. You could make smoothies and then add alcohol to them or simply mix juice – or milk – with vodka, Kahlua or rum. If you’re concerned about finances, you could always mix each drink with the same, one alcoholic beverage.

Your playing drinking games is a good way to get your guests excited. Not only will you have more fun than sitting on the couch, but you and your guests will also remain amused by doing outlandish things or simply using your energies toward a game’s goal. If you and your social circle enjoy chuckling and using your intellect, you may enjoy King’s Cup. You could also look up other, entertaining drinking games using a search engine

What’s even more fun is your creating your own drinking games. You and your pals could give the game exciting challenges or consequences depending on the rules you create. For instance, you could create a game in which one person and the person on his or her left would be required to take a shot of vodka every time the original person said a word beginning with the letter “P.” On the other hand, you could make it so that one person and the three people to his or her left could be prohibited from drinking when the first person uses the word “like” until one other person, not in the same group, uses this same word. Your completing more passive activities, like watching a hockey game or playing Monopoly with your other half and buds, while drinking is always enjoyable, too.

Your spending a night in does not necessarily have to be boring. You can make it fun – by inviting friends and/or a date to enjoy some alcoholic beverages with you. Sip on beverages you have just concocted, well-known drinks that you enjoy, play drinking games or simply recline while gulping down fluids. Whatever you choose, you will spend unforgettable moments with friends.

Dealing with Outside Opinions | blog

You’re dating someone, giggly and content. You and your significant other usually find each other’s company euphoric, but you have a tendency to ask your friends for tips regarding your love life. While you know that your receiving advice means you can consider others’ perspectives but not necessarily act on them, your companions consistently attempt to push you in the “right” direction. You usually find that their opinions take a toll on your relationship. The good news, though, is that you can do something about it.

You can handle others’ scrutiny by:
1) not caring;

Before you can truly ignore your friends’ views and not let them affect your ego or your actions, you must condition yourself to be strong enough not to care about their perspectives. All this takes is your having confidence in your relationship. Only you know what goes on between you and your partner and since you are most likely the one who knows him or her the best, only you – and your sweetheart – can decide what course of action is best for your relationship. If your partner has admitted to cheating, promised to be loyal from then on and you believe him or her, then feel free to believe him or her. A skeptic myself, I generally find it hard to give others the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve found that most of the time when an adult says that s/he is going to change, s/he generally does. That is why when others are pessimists about your relationship and you don’t exactly buy their cynicism, you should listen to your own judgment.

2) acknowledging fair advice.

Of course, only you – and your partner – know the details of your relationship thoroughly, meaning only you know what actions are appropriate for the situation. On the other hand, that is not to say you should let your feelings overcome your logic. For instance, pretend your significant other has used you for your wealth throughout the duration of your relationship. Your friends say staying with this deceitful trash bag spells bad news for you. After listening to them, you realize you have no desire to stay in the relationship but are reeled in by your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend. In this case, you should have enough pride to make the rational decision you’re longing to follow rather than let your emotions bind you unconditionally to someone with whom the romance isn’t genuine and with whom you’re unhappy.

Joan Rivers says, “Don’t follow any advice, no matter how good, until you feel as deeply in your spirit as you think in your mind that the counsel is wise.” We would all do well to pay attention to her. Friends can give sound advice at times and you may benefit from taking it, but at other times, there are more solutions to a problem than plotting revenge or calling quits to a romantic partnership. There is always couples’ therapy, discussing the problem with your sweetheart and/or having faith in your partner to change for the better. Slight dilemmas do not always have to inspire goodbyes between lovers. In fact, they can be the beginnings of long lasting bliss.

Exercise Your Brain: Fun, Instructive Dates in Toronto

Tired of your regular, sedentary dates? Hop off your couch to learn something new with your partner in Toronto, and you will not only feel accomplished, but you may also find the intellectual stimulation amusing. These activities, however, do not necessarily have to be academic; they could involve honing any particular skill you’ve wanted to develop.

The following are examples of ways couples can enjoy themselves while learning new skills:

Pottery Classes

Your learning to spin clay with your sweetheart can make you feel proud – not only of your new ability, but also of the new art piece you have created. In addition, your giving your freshly-made pottery dish to your sweetheart may even earn you brownie parts.

Toronto Potters | Toronto Pottery Classes | Throwing a Fit Pottery Studio

Dance Classes

Your adrenaline will pump as you cha-cha across the room, hand-in-hand with your other half. Your learning how to dance may boost your confidence levels while allowing you to bond with your partner.
Toronto Dance Salsa | Arthur Murray Toronto | Joy of Dance

Writing Classes

If you’re seeking to improve your writing abilities or simply for an outlet for your literary passion, then your taking a writing class with a mate is an enjoyable way to do so. Moreover, you will learn new modes of expressing your creativity.
Creative Writing Help | The Moving Pen | Toronto Improv, Sketch Comedy and Screenwriting Classes

Acting Classes

Acting classes are fun stress-relievers. You may giggle at your mate’s silliness or become completely absorbed by your own monologue lines. Whatever the case, a theatre class will allow you two to let loose and have a positive experience.
Toronto Academy of Acting | Armstrong Acting Studios | Toronto Association of Acting Studios


Art Classes

Painting, photography, drawing, you name it – anything that involves visual art is sure to provide an entertaining time. If you want to do something really creative, I suggest splattering paint across a canvas with your significant other. You could also fill balloons with paint and toss them at a blank painting. If the mood gets too serious, however, you can always throw paint at your partner.
Toronto School of Art | Avenue Road Arts School | Academy of Realist Art

Taekwondo Classes

Taekwondo classes are just one way to learn an age-old skill, as well as get some vigorous exercise with your mate. Not only will taekwondo classes leave you feeling refreshed and energized, but you will also feel a sense of pride at your learning self-defense.
Master Tommy Chang’s Black Belt World | Beaches ITF Taekwondo Schools | Jong Soo Park

Kickboxing Classes

Your taking kickboxing classes is one more way you and your sweetheart can get a thrilling work out together. The blood will flow and your hearts will race as you two learn this exhilarating sport!
Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai (TKMT) Academy Inc. | Toronto BJJ | Kickboxing and Fight Club

As you can see, dates don’t always have to involve an upscale restaurant and a romantic comedy. You also don’t constantly have to wear the latest brand name while out with a partner. You can get sweaty, sporting track pants and a tee, and still have a good – or even more exciting time – while out with your sweetie. After all, your new skills may just redeem you for your outfit.

Table Etiquette 101: Table Manners Dos and Don’ts for Dating

Proper table etiquette is crucial when it comes to dating. Not only does it demonstrate your level of sophistication but it also highlights your level of intellect. It lets people know that YOU know how to carry yourself and that you’ve been around the block (not to mention, that your parents raised you right).

If you want to be successful in dating, you want to make sure you’re carrying yourself appropriately at the dinner table. Your date is ALWAYS paying attention.

Here are just some dos and don’ts you should always follow.

(Please print these out and commit them to memory if you must)


  • Don’t talk with your mouth full – watching food being chewed down into tiny particles (or rather, mush) is simply NOT attractive – it activates the gag reflex (for your date that is)
  • Don’t loosen your belt or undo the button on your pants because you’re full – wear looser pants or just skip the large piece of cake. No one wants to envision WHY your pants require loosening (turn off).
  • Don’t wipe your mouth with your hand (or worse, your sleeve) – children do this, not adults
  • Don’t lick the plate – although an obvious one, it still deserves mentioning.
  • Don’t use a spoon – when you should really be using a fork. Note: Liquidy and creamy foods require spoons, all else requires a fork. (And when in doubt, always go with a fork).
  • Don’t lick your fingers – it’s just plain nasty. Your date has seen where your hands have been all night and now they’re watching them go in your mouth? (Gross)
  • Don’t slurp your drinks or soup – the sound is not attractive. There’s nothing wrong with leaving some on the bottom. That last sip is NOT going to make or break your appetite. It screams CHEAP.
  • Don’t order the most expensive thing on the menu – if you’re being treated to dinner. You don’t have to go with the cheapest thing either, but keep it REASONABLE. Check out the prices of all the dishes and stick to somewhere in the middle
  • Don’t use toothpicks or worse, suck the food out from between your teeth – excuse yourself, and do it in the bathroom
  • Don’t stare at other people’s food – it looks sad.
  • Don’t order the same boring thing all the time – it makes you seem uninteresting and unadventurous. Try something different. Live a little!
  • Don’t use your hands when you should be using utensils –  hint: if it easily slides off your fingers, you shouldn’t be eating it with your hands
  • Don’t put your elbows on the table – grandma taught you that
  • Don’t use your napkin as a bib – unless you’re eating lobster, it’s just not sexy (and it seems juvenile).
  • Don’t text at the table – it can wait until AFTER your date
  • Don’t flirt with the waiter or waitress – need I say more?


  • Do wipe your mouth after every bite  – your date can’t focus on what you’re saying if there’s a piece of spinach hanging off your lip
  • Do order an appetizer  – to avoid staring at other people’s food
  • Do use the napkin on your lap – you don’t want to walk around with stains all night
  • Do experiment with food – it seems more educated. Besides, this way YOU can educate your dates on food down the road and have THEM experiment (that’s attractive)
  • Do learn how to use a knife properly – it should look more like a cutting motion NOT a stabbing motion (Watch Youtube video)
  • Do order for your date (men) – of course, you want to ask her what she wants FIRST. P.S. If she has a problem with it then she’s NOT used to dating gentleman (keep it moving)
  • Do know which wines go with which meals – Red wine goes with red sauces and red meats. White wine goes with white Sauces and White meats
  • DO spend a little (men) – Dinner does cost money. There’s no way to get around this.
  • DO LEAVE A TIP – Don’t be cheap (yes, she’s watching).

Let’s date smarter!

Do you have any table etiquette dos and don’ts to add to this list? Leave them below…

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Alex Wise served over 5 years as relationship expert helping women from around the world figure out the men in their love lives from an honest, male perspective. Alex is one of the contributors and editors for dating website. He is passionate about thought leadership writing, and regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and online dating communities.

He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

What does a man want? Even more important: Do you know what he wants in a serious relationship with you?

Men are truly not that complicated.

how do I know he is ready for serious realtionship He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

When it comes to our needs in a relationship, we don’t have a whole lot that you need to worry about.

But you do have to be sure that you’re not trying to give him what YOU want – instead of what HE wants.

It’s one of the most common mistakes people make. They tend to give other people what it is they themselves are looking for instead of what the other person really wants.

Men don’t want exactly the same thing you do, or even at the same time. A lot of it overlaps, but you have to know how men think –  and when they think it.

Some of the advice you’ve probably heard that men want:

  • Get to his heart through his stomach – cook for him
  • Satisfy him in the bedroom like no one else
  • Be a difficult bitch with him
  • Be nice to him and never ask for anything

The problem with this kind of advice is that there are small bits of Truth in them. The unfortunate part is that it’s not explained so you’re going to make a ton of mistakes trying to apply it.

Let’s jump into what men want in a serious relationship…

WANT #1: Safety First!

One of the most misunderstood needs men have is safety.

It’s not physical safety he needs, it’s emotional safety.

Men understand that they are not as well equipped for handling their emotions. They know that they don’t have the same kind of emotional IQ that a woman does.

Women are better at relationships, while men are better at rising to the challenge and chasing/hunting you.

But he does understand it’s at a very Primal level that he needs a woman that will keep him in a safe bubble for him to express and show his feelings. This requires you to be stronger and smarter as a woman.

10 He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

How do you make a man feel safe?

Well it just so happens that I created a program to help women do this called The Connection Code. Because it takes a lot of understanding how men work to know how to do this right.

But briefly, the way you make him feel safe is to make sure he never feels like he’s going to be insulted or shamed or put down by you for expressing any emotion.

Men grow up knowing that if they express emotions in front of another man who is not himself a mature and balanced person, he will probably be ridiculed. Possibly even BEATEN UP! (Women don’t typically ever experience this.)

This feels horrible to a man, probably the worst thing he can experience.

If he’s even suspects that you will react this way – negatively, you will never get him to connect with you.

He will simply use you for physical intimacy and move on to the woman who does show him safety.

One of the best ways to explain this is to give you an example of when he doesn’t feel safe:


A man needs to know he’s going to be heard by you when he talks about his feelings or the difficult things he’s experiencing.

Unfortunately, what many women do is to ruin this sense of safety when he’s talking about his feelings. Very often she will not hear him out completely. She will also typically interrupt him to move him forward in the conversation faster.

She gets impatient when he’s taking so long to explain himself, so she jumps in and tries to get there first. What this does is it feels like a disconnect – and he shuts down.

There is a pretty good chance you’ve experienced this in a relationship with a guy, especially in conversation.

dating tips advice signs boyfriend is ready for committed relationship He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

Unfortunately, you may not have noticed when it happened. But I can tell you he sure noticed. And he went on guard and made a decision to be very careful about doing that ever again with you.

Of course you would have fixed this in the moment, but you probably didn’t know what happened. This is why it’s so important to understand how men connect.

You see the problem is that if you don’t catch this and fix it, it’s like starting the timer on the end of your relationship.

This is why I teach this in my programs and coaching, from a man’s point of view. That’s something I can do for you that almost no other female dating and relationship advisor can do.

WANT #2: He Wants To Chase YOU…

This one is tricky, but I have to make sure you know about it.

Far too many women are chasing men.

There was a time when I could have just left it at that. Not too long ago, women knew that chasing men was really a bad idea. They understood the concept of being a little hard-to-get.

But today? This is an epidemic problem.

signs boyfriend is ready for a serious relationship He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

One of the most common situations that I coach women on who are losing the man they love is that they are also chasing him everywhere.

And as a result, they are scaring him off.

A guy will not go into a serious relationship with you unless you allow him to chase you. It’s what we are born to do.

You may have heard that men are Hunters. This is one of the most important things for you to recognize about men.

Men absolutely want to “hunt you” and win you.

If you’re chasing him, there’s no way he can ever hunt you. In fact it’s the most disappointing experience a man can have in a relationship.

Think about it like this:

  •  If every football team got a Super Bowl trophy and ring at the start of the season, do you think they would work hard to go to the Super Bowl?

This is probably the most obvious and dumbest question you’ve heard all year, but I have to ask it.

12 He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

The obvious answer is NO, they would not work very hard. They probably just coast all the way through the season. They wouldn’t train hard because they wouldn’t have to to win.

Don’t fool yourself. We work hardest for something we don’t have yet.

This is a universal rule of LIFE.

And yet this is exactly what women are messing up when they chase men.

  • When they give in too easily…
  • When they text him all the time…
  • When they tell him they love him all the time…
  • When they do all the work…

There are just so many ways that women chase men and scare them out of relationships.

If you’re doing this now, make a resolution to never chase him again.

defining relationship next level of commitment He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

It’s a man’s job to chase women. If anyone is telling you any different, they’re lying to you and destroying your chances at a happy relationship.

You know deep down inside that you want him to desire you. And you want him to show it.

The only way to get him to do this is to get him to chase you.

End of story.

WANT #3: Respect.

This is one area that men and women are exactly alike. We both want respect in our relationships.

Interestingly though, men want to see it a little bit differently than you might see it.

A man needs to feel respected for his ability to provide and take care of you. That’s the one kind of respect he absolutely needs to have.

things men do when theyre ready to get married He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

Again, one of the best ways to explain this is through the use of a negative example.

One of the ways that women show that they do not respect their man is by belittling him or diminishing him as a man. It could be as simple as small sly comments you make to your friends in his presence or even when he’s not around.

There are a million ways we show disrespect. Most of which we probably don’t even realize we’re doing.

One of the best things you can do is to ask him how he likes to feel respected. Ask him what things in the past have made him feel that way.

And then listen with every ounce of attention you have.

The unfortunate truth is that most women use respect manipulatively. They only give a man respect when they want something.

All the rest of the time, she just puts up with him. Which really shows that she’s probably just using him.

Don’t be this woman.

WANT #4: Manage Him

This one might be a little controversial for some. But ultimately it’s in the best interest for a man.

You see, most men understand that they need a little bit of managing. He understands that he’s got some annoying qualities. There’s some places in his life he just didn’t get put in its place properly when he was acting out.

Maybe he’s got a mom that never corrected him. Maybe his dad is just a wishy-washy fool.

signs men show when theyre ready to get serious He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

(This is why you need to meet his family – it’s the most essential way to find out what your man is made of.)

But he understands at a very Primal level that he’s got some qualities that you can help him with.

  • You can help him stop cleaning his ears with his keys
  • You can help him stop adjusting his junk in public
  • You can help him adjust his vocabulary to avoid those embarrassing words
  • You can teach him the value of foreplay

I know I know, so much to do in so little time.

But if you can find a compassionate and gentle way to keep a man within the boundaries of more sophisticated Behavior, he will adore you for it.

It doesn’t mean that you nag him or embarrass him in front of others. This obviously goes against the respect rule.

You can find a healthy balance of blowing the whistle when he goes out of bounds. He wants you to do this!

WANT #5: Give Him Some Passes

Let’s face it none of us is perfect. Least of all your man.

The unfortunate thing is that most women want to perfect their man. Beyond a rational limit.

They don’t understand that sometimes you just have to leave a few things in the rough.

Guys are always going to have some rough edges. You’re always going to have some rough edges.

11 He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

Beware this tendency to try and perfect him.

  • To change him…
  • To make him into someone he may not be…

He doesn’t want to feel like your perpetual self improvement project.

You have to give him a pass every so often. He’s going to have qualities that you simply can’t change. You might not like them, so you might as well get used to them and not get activated and upset over them.

(I guarantee you he’s giving you a pass with a lot of your qualities!)

WANT #6: Have a Life

If you’ve ever had a guy say that he wants you to have your own life, what he means might have been misunderstood.

There’s also a very good chance he’s never told you this directly.


You see, most men notice that women often make the process of getting a man their sole goal in life. And he can tell this when you focus exclusively on your relationship and put very little attention or focus on your own goals.

signs hes ready to be with you He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

He needs you to be pursuing your own happiness at the same time at the same time as this relationship. He’s happy to go along, but he doesn’t want to BE your happiness.

If he feels like he’s the only focus in your life, that’s going to be scary to him. He will be sensing waves of neediness and he will worry about your insecurity level.

He also doesn’t want to feel like he will immediately be taking on a family, a mortgage, a new SUV payment … you get the picture.

So be sure to let him know at every turn how you already have a life. You’ve already got goals of your own, and you are pursuing them.

And if you’re not, you better get on them real quick. Because guys do see this – and we DO notice!

WANT #7: Appreciate and accept him

If you really want a serious relationship with him, you better really grasp this want of his.

If there’s one thing that will make a man bond to you and love you for the rest of his life it’s how much you appreciate and accept him for who he is.

In fact, just accepting him already hits on two of the previous wants in this list.

signals men give when ready for serious relationships He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

Even if he’s not doing the best job of it, he still needs appreciation to keep going. And that’s the part that may boggle you a little bit. He might not be The Brightest Bulb in the socket, but he expects to be treated like the king of his castle.

This will rub you wrong if you think he wants something that is out of line with the value he brings to your relationship.

But the truth is you’ll never get a man by making him feel anything less than being The King.

And if you make him feel like a king, guess who gets to be the Queen?

No matter how much you might feel he does not deserve it, HE feels he deserves it.

And if you don’t feel he deserves it, why are you there in the first place anyways?

  • You don’t have to cater to his ego and make him think he’s something he’s not.
  • This doesn’t mean you have to make yourself feel like the court jester, or that you need to inflate his ego falsely.

But you’re kidding yourself if you think YOU can be the King and he’ll be happy with that. There’s too much confusing and inaccurate information out there today about gender roles as it is.

Of course you also have to give him a realistic amount of feedback. If he’s being a whiney brat, put him back in his place! (See #4 above)

The one thing you MUST do is make sure that he knows you appreciate him and accept him for who he is right now.

20 He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

This is why women who make men their self improvement projects usually fail. Because they’re breaking this rule right off the bat.

  • If a man doesn’t feel accepted by you, he will never reveal his true emotions to you
  • He will never commit to you
  • He will never consider you as The One

If you’re having trouble accepting him in this moment, then you probably will never be able to accept him later on.

And if you find it hard to make him feel good about himself in your relationship, that’s a huge problem.

Ask yourself: What it is that is keeping you from feeling that he is just fine the way he is?

  •  Did you possibly settle for someone you shouldn’t have?
  •  Is he more of a fixer-upper than you should have taken on?
  •  Do you have exceptionally high standards?

This is worth investigating, because if you want to give a man what he wants in a serious relationship, you have to be able to make him feel empowered in the moment.

In the end, you have to know what a man wants to FEEL in your relationship if you’re going to be his “forever” woman.

In fact, I created a short video about how to make him desire you and how to make him love you

It’s called Forever Yours – and you can watch the presentation HERE

PRODUCT Forever Yours He Does These 7 Things If He Wants A Serious Relationship With You

10 Things In Your House Women Love

When your love interest makes that all important visit to your home, it’s your opportunity to shine! It can get awkward if you run out of things to talk about or if she thinks you’re just trying to be Mr. Smoothy Pants. The key is to generate conversation based on items in your home that will easily break the ice and ensure she doesn’t jump out the window. These will do the trick:

A Pet

This item is is self explanatory and pretty much common sense. Women love animals plus it shows that you are nurturing possess the ability to love.

A Musical Instrument

If you are blessed with musical talents, you probably don’t need much help in the women department. There is something about a man that can play a musical instrument. Maybe it is the idea of you serenading her as the sun sets for the evening! Regardless, if musical talent escapes, you can always try to learn right? Keep your instrument (musical instrument that is) in plain view and rest assured that she will make an inquiry.

Personal Wall Accessories

Your home should portray your personality, likes and background. Make sure your walls are not bare; inject some personality into your home with pictures of your family, vacations, etc. and maybe some art that can open up another line of communication with her.

Interesting Books/Magazines

When sitting in your living area, women often look around to get a feel who you are and what you are into. Coffee books, magazines and books will lead her down that path and spark conversation as well.

Kitchen Appliances

Do you cook? If so, you area knotch above the other Love Monkeys out there. Whether you are a magician in the kitchen or not, having a trendy kitchen appliance is definitely recommended. There are tons of eye catching coffee makers, toasters, blenders etc. available that are useful and simply interesting to look at. Show her how it works or even make something together.

Exercise Equipment

Personally, staying healthy is important to me and I would hope my partner shared that sentiment as well. Having some sort of exercise equipment in your home shows her that you take care of yourself and aren’t some lazy slob. However, don’t go put a treadmill in the middle of your living room or anything. Place the equipment in a sensible location please!

Bottles of Wine

Need I say more? WOMEN LOVE WINE! Wine screams maturity and sophistication. Have a nice selection to choose from neatly organized in a wine rack. You do not need to have $200 bottles of wine to impress her. In addition, hide the beer and hard liquor away in the cabinet for the time being.

Interactive Video Game Console

There was a point in time where a woman would see a Playstation or Xbox then head for the hills. This is still the case if you have multiple consoles and games all over your couch. Interactive video consoles such as the Xbox Kinect have opened the door for couples playing together with enjoyment for both. Playing games like “Dance Central” or “Rock Band” will open her up and show her another side of you. However, don’t over do it fellas!

Anything Zen

This item is not a common one but i”ve found it to be quite helpful. Household zen items such as a zen garden, bamboo or a bonsai tree divulge a bit about your personality as well showing her you are not the typical Love Monkey. They also have a soothing effect which is always a positive when trying to get closer to someone. For those who are not aware, a zen garden is a little box of sand accompanied by a few rocks and a little rake. I am sure you have seen one in a fancy office or home at some point. If not, Google it!

A Vacuum

Make sure your man cave is clean! Minor details like spreading your bed, putting clothes away and having a hairless sink speaks volumes to a woman. A neat man is an attractive man.

Signs She Is Not Going Home With You

She’s not going home with you if:

So you’re out with a girl, and you’re unsure if it’s going well. Obviously by “going well,” I mean you’re wondering whether you’re going to be able to close tonight. Take it from someone who goes on a lot of bad dates – if I want to go home with you, I will. If I don’t, it’s fairly obvious. You just have to know what signs to look for. Before I begin, I would like to note that this is not an all-inclusive list. It is possible that a girl won’t do any of these things, and still won’t go home with you. Life sucks, I know.

That being said, she’s definitely not going home with you if:

If I’m having a bad date, I look around a lot. This is because sub-consciously I’m hoping to run into someone I know and force him or her to join us so I don’t have to be alone with you. If I don’t want to be alone with you in a crowded restaurant, I definitely don’t want to be alone with you in private. So no, I’m not going home with you.

When I’m on a good date, I don’t text. I also tend to not answer the phone unless it’s urgent. In fact, when I go on a really good date, I hardly talk about it at all. Bad dates, on the other hand, lead to over-exaggerated, melodramatic stories with no detail spared. So, no, you are not paranoid: If I’m texting a lot during our date, chances are I’m talking shit on you to my friends. Ok, so maybe I’m not fully unloading, but if I’m disinterested enough to text, I’m definitely not going home with you tonight.

When I’m out with a guy I am interested in, the last thing I want to do is lead him to believe I am dropping a deuce mid-date. If I go to the bathroom for 10 minutes or more, I probably couldn’t care less what the guy I’m out with thinks I’m doing. Yes, I’m probably just making friends, texting, and re-doing my make-up, but I wouldn’t be doing that if I were interested in going home with you tonight.
(Disclaimer: This rule is void if there is a long line.)

If I like you, I want you to think I’ve never been anyone’s ex. I will dismiss my past relationships immediately. “It was whatever. I never really even liked him. It was really just a little fling.” This is true even if I just want you to be my rebound. If I’m not interested in sleeping with you, let alone seeing you romantically again, I will lay it on thick: “He really broke my heart. I’m not over him yet. I’m not ready for a new relationship.” Doing this is just a subtle twist on the old adage, “it’s not you; it’s me.” Get over it.

Taking home leftovers is complicated. It almost seems like the polite thing to do, because my date paid for it and I don’t want to seem wasteful. But the truth is that if I take home leftovers, I’m planning to get them into the fridge (read: my fridge) pretty quickly. Unless we have predetermined plans to go to your place, get down, and then enjoy the leftovers afterwards, I intend on taking that doggy bag home A.S.A.P. If I wanted to come over, I wouldn’t want the hassle of carrying around a Styrofoam carton of leftover salad, and I wouldn’t have asked for a box.

Are You Too Young or Mature Enough to Be a Dad? Test Yourself!

For many becoming a dad is an awesome experience. For many others it is scary, unnerving and even intimidating. You need to prepare well if you want to be a great dad – and it surely takes a lot of work. There are many factors that would change your life when the baby comes. Knowing these factors and working out how to cope with these would make the transition much easier for you:

Prepare yourself for the mum-to-be

First of all you should know how to take care of your partner or wife during pregnancy. Women experience a lot of changes in their body due to an onslaught of hormones when they are pregnant. This affects their emotions, their taste, their sleeping pattern – almost everything. Some women also experience terrible nausea in the first three months which makes it extremely difficult for them to do their day-to-day chores at home. Some have the morning sickness throughout the day, throughout the pregnancy; while some –lucky ones – have no problem. You need to be extremely supportive during this time. Take care that she is happy, she eats nutritious food and she has adequate rest. In case your work is very demanding, make sure you have someone take care of your spouse at home – for example her mother or a sister, or if your purse permits a 12 hour companion cum maid who would ensure that the house chores are taken care of and your spouse or partner is not left wanting for anything during these trying times.

Prepare yourself for the birth of the baby

A few decades ago, fathers were supposed to know nothing about the babies they sire, other than what it cost to have them fed and clothed (and educated). Today, fatherhood means much more involvement. You need to be there not only in figurative sense but also in person. Changing nappies, holding the baby, putting the baby to sleep, feeding the baby – these are no longer the prerogative of the mother alone. Fathers are more and more participating in the initial care of the infant and this bonds the family together in a very special way. There are classes for this purpose and you could very well go and learn all the nitty-gritty of taking care of the baby so you could help your wife or partner when the time comes for it. It is not as difficult as you would think – and when you get to do it, the emotional rewards are mind blowing.

Once the baby is there

You would need to make time for your family. Family always should have a special place on your agenda. Children love their father and a good majority would give anything to spend some quality time with them. Be sure you are there if not daily on the weekend. Make a time which is earmarked family time and during that time keep everything else off. Let your children know you prize their company and you love to be with them.

Start from day one

Do not wait for your son or daughter to grow up so you could relate with them. No – this is the biggest mistake most fathers do; and this is why most children feel left out. Start spending time and getting involved with your baby from day one. When they are infants, sing to them, hold them, feed them; when they are toddlers have fun with them, read for them, take them out. As they grow, your change the way you relate to them – but the bonding would be there and it would come to you without any effort.

Deal with your emotions

Beware that men feel neglected and left out immediately after the birth of a child – and sometime forever after. The advice for new fathers here is that they take it easy. You see, women are indeed nurturers and when they have a baby their mother instinct will overcome all other feeling – including the romantic and sexy feelings she had for you. This does not mean she does not love you anymore. It means that she needs time to internalize her new role. Men should understand and take a willing second position during this time. Complement and care for her without any sexual allusions and romantic feelings will come back in their own time. Do not sulk, do not blackmail emotionally, do not demand attention. Besides the fact that the new baby is really emotionally overwhelming, the new mother would be physically exhausted too – since most of the babies need round the clock attention during the first six months or so.

Being a dad is heavy responsibility

You are not only the provider and protector of your family. You are also the person who should insure their future. A good dad, besides being there for his children, also ensure that they have a stable family life and the capacity of realizing their dreams – whether it is a vocation or higher education.

Hug your children often

This is one of the most vital tips for being a good dad. Giving a hug, showing love and appreciation is one of the greatest gifts that you could give your children. Be sure you are not shy from showing your affection for them.

Love and respect their mother

There is a saying, ‘The best thing that a father can do for his children is to love their mother’. The cohesion and respect between the father and mother of the children, gives them a high self-esteem and mental stability. Ensure that you treat their mother with love and respect at all times.

Take care of your health

Be there for your children for a long time. How? By taking care of your health. Not only you would live a longer and more fruitful life, you would also teach your children good habits.

Guide them to trust their instincts

A good father would be able to help his children realize their dreams without imposing any of theirs. It is very often that fathers (and mothers, too) want their children fulfill their (the parents) dreams instead of allowing them to find, pursue and fulfill their own dreams (their children’s). Do not stop your children to live their lives as they want to. Be there for them and guide them at every step. That is what great fathers are there for.

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Marriage and Children – What To Do If Your Wife or Husband Does not Want Children?

Those who decide to start an engagement and eventually marry do have some obstacles at times to overcome before they can finally tie the knot. One of the biggest of these roadblocks can be if one partner wants children and the other one does not. This can create a real problem for two who want to spend their lives together and have a future as a couple. Therefore, it is something that must be paid attention to, not swept under the carpet for as long as it can be without confronting it one on one.

Being a parent to a child is very meaningful in a number of ways. Nevertheless, for those who are deadset against having children per se. They will never know the fulfillment that a kid can bring into someone’s life overall. They are indeed a true blessing in disguise. However, for those who do not want to be a parent. They will never know the countless rewards a child’s presence can bring to them on all fronts. Therefore, this is a big issue and one that can stand between a man and a woman, who are either fiancés or who are considering being engaged in the future. This conflicting situation can spell trouble and divide a couple if it happens that two parties do not agree on wanting children. Therefore, this subject needs to be in focus very delicately before an actual engagement does take place between two people. As it is one of the definite things to discuss and go over before the nuptials can take place between a man and a woman.

This is something that requires strong consideration along with other issues before a couple decides to say “I Do”, officially and before joining their lives together as one. The subject of wanting children or not wanting children is a topic of major concern as much as is the ability to be able to compromise on everything from money to what not and plan for the future overall as a twosome.

If one partner desires children and the other one does not. Some terms of agreement must be in conclusion between both parties. As all hell can break loose if no grounds to mediation can be, meet at successfully for the subject that can be very touchy for two people in love and contemplating matrimony and sharing their lives together.

Many obstacles can damage a potential marriage from the onset if they are not in address early on by both man and woman. This is why two people need to identify the conflicts before they have a chance to cause destruction in a marriage. By identifying them before you tie the knot with someone, you stand a good chance of minimizing any troubles that can emerge later on between you and your spouse to be.

Planning just does not go in to how well your wedding will turn out. It is something that must be in application about all fronts and not just the obvious. Therefore, there are things you need to bring out into the open and discuss openly with your husband or wife to be. Wanting or not wanting children is a very important topic to talk about with as much honesty and openness as is humanly possible. Discussing it ahead of time will save any

Marriage is not something that two people just jump in to willy-nilly. It is something that two must seriously think be before actually doing. Marriage and all the issues that go along with it require a good thought out plan and this includes the subject of wanting or not wanting any kids. If two people openly disagree after a marriage on the child equation, they most probably will end up filing for divorce before long. Therefore, it is paramount that two people go over what it is that each wants individually from the marriage and from each other as a rule. We all have our own personal expectations and marriage is something that brings these expectations to light more so than any other time.

Most people have a child in first year of marriage but what if you want children and your partner does not? If two people can’t compromise on this issue or be able to compromise on anything else such as money and future goals together as both man and wife. Then two people need to open up their eyes and put the intended marriage on hold at least until they can arrive at some mutual agreement or understanding. Because if they fail to do so it will only spell trouble to what could be a very promising and happy long life together down the road. We are all different in our own ways and the differences still do apply even after you tie the knot. So it’s best to put off the wedding until you both can

Balance The Power With Your Date

There are people out there who are irresistible. It’s true. I’ve met some of them. And if you happen to meet just such a person through a dating service, and the two of you actually hit it off, it can be extremely difficult to focus and concentrate on anything else.  The best tip regarding dating services and Internet dating is to keep you expectations low and your options open.  Because even though you think you’ve scored by meeting this charismatic creature, they might just rock your world in more ways than one, and not necessarily for the good.

If you’re thinking about your new partner day and night, and trying to figure out ways to spend time with them 24/7, you’re in big trouble.  The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is when one person relinquishes their power and hands it over to the other.  But it happens all the time.  If you are the person receiving all this undivided attention, it’s quite thrilling and you probably don’t want it to stop.  If you’re the one giving all the attention, you’re setting yourself up for a major fall.

Sometimes feeling this giddy over another person is akin to addiction. You can’t seem to get enough of him or her, and you always want more. More of their time, more of their attention, more of their affection. It’s a slippery slope. If you see this happening, you need to stop, take a breath, and go call a friend who will give you an objective perspective on the situation.  If you lose yourself completely in someone else, and rely upon that other person for your happiness, you are losing all your power. And inevitably, you will experience major heartbreak when the relationship comes crashing down around you.

And crashing down it will come. Don’t fool yourself. A relationship is between two people who have mutual trust, love and respect for one another. If you have put your partner high up on a pedestal and worship the ground he or she walks on, it’s a sure thing they will fall from their high platform. No one is perfect and it doesn’t matter how compelling, magnetic and alluring this person is, never forget he or she is a human being. And all human beings have their flaws.

There is no way the relationship will be able to sustain itself if you give all your power away to your partner.  And when the time comes that your partner decides to leave, you will feel as though you have lost everything, including yourself, when you gave of yourself so freely.  When the relationship does not have balance it will wobble, tumble, fall over and ultimately fail.

Take charge of your own life.  Be happy and grateful that you met someone so special, but always put yourself first.  You had needs, desires, interests and wants long before you met this person.  He or she did not suddenly enter your life and change you as a person.  Be the person your partner fell in love with when you first met and don’t throw away the best part of you simply because your charming new partner seems too good to be true.