HIV Dating Site Profiles – Five Valuable Tips You Needs To Consider

It will be easier they obtain the wrong understanding of you. Here’s a month-by-month search the rearview mirror at AIDS in DC. It comes with more than 10,000 people Washington State living with HIV.

No one person’s life runs completely smoothly at some time our lives, things become difficult and difficult to bear. This is at that time when most of us turn to others seeking some support and getting a grasp on. Should one of the crosses to deal with be coping with AIDS or HIV than not only is this support of value, but it may well also bring a whole new meaning for life. The actual reason being especially so when the HIV support stems from a supply of knowledge, truth and complete understanding.

Many individuals with HIV or AIDS have managed to branch out and date people that don’t also possess disease. The herpes virus can be passed through either blood or sexual fluids, so doable! Greatly solve your risk of spreading flu citrus by just taking vital precautions. Are usually keep your physical romance to simply kissing, there isn’t a risk whatsoever. Condoms are a great option for people who wish to get more involved with another without worrying about disease smeared. Check out the HIV dating sites.

The Internet has connected people from all of over disease. It currently is possible to meet up with someone within the country or even just across your city with the click of the handle. When you join a world-wide-web dating site for along with HIV happen to be not limited to meeting locals you’re the area. You can meet people from anywhere. The thing about produce is people today you meet already know you are HIV positive. Your biggest fear is already conquered.

When you see real love, it is easy to feel ready to get on the world. Really loving someone means loving them for who they are and accepting the whole life.

Is meeting real people today value $five – $ten a month? How considerably is invested heading to be able to bars fulfilling people? And in case a person is spending, aren’t they significant about meeting a buyer?

A further decision to make is getting in touch with join an absolutely free or a paying membership site. Free websites do not usually possess any advanced features and may necessitate an individual essentially pay before purchase access emails etc. Paid HIV dating sites will have better security as perform not let the entire internet to examine your data. Check out features of sites to unearth one particular fit you’ve.

How Do I Know I Love Him…? 17+ Signs

If you’re not sure about your relationship, you might find yourself wondering “How do I know I love him?” You want to be sure he’s the one, right?

signs youve found the man of your dreams How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

Is he “The One”?

And you want to be sure you’re not fooling yourself. You need to know that this isn’t an illusion…

  • Are you dreaming?
  • Are you just infatuated?
  • Are you reading him right?

Now, to be truthful, you have to know that a lot of the signs you’re in love are the same for if HE is in love with you. Which means, if you’re really in love with him, you’ll see him doing a lot of the same stuff you’re probably doing!

Love is an emotion that is hard to define. As the saying goes, you might not be able to tell when it’s love, but you usually know right away when it’s NOT love.

What I’ll do for you in this article is show you some of the ways you can know for sure that you’re in love.

So how do you know you love him?

Let’s start with:

Sign You’re Smitten: Anytime, Anyplace!

If you’re digging a guy, you’ll likely find any reason you can to see him.

Which also means that if this guy calls you up and asks you to do something, you’ll drop everything to do it.


I’m not saying you need to refuse him – that would be taking “hard to get” too far. No, what I’m going to propose is that you be careful about being TOO available for him.

You want him to appreciate you. And people don’t appreciate what they get too easily.

As I say, if every football team got a super bowl ring and trophy at the end of the season, the sport would die. There is prestige and glory to winning the super bowl, and that’s why it’s such a fierce competition.

We don’t appreciate what comes too easily. 

Sign You’re Digging Him: There’s No Ledger…

In accounting, you have to “balance the books” every day. In other words, you need to know that your money is all tracked – and all the ins and outs are fully accounted for. All those numbers are kept in a ledger.

relationship advice how do I know Ive found the one How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

You’re not keeping track…

The problem with many relationships – especially the “out of balance” ones that I work with – is that there are too many people who make love a transaction. They only give to get. And they wait to get from the other person before they give back.

Tit-for-tat, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours…

Instead of a giving and letting themselves enjoy giving for its own sake.

The reason many people get stuck in this way of thinking is because a great many people feel deprived and starved of love. They didn’t get the kind of love they wanted in their family, so when they get older, they feel that love is scarce.

The reality is that love is EVERYWHERE! The universe is made out of love.

But when your emotions were formed and shaped by never getting the love you want, it might be hard to understand there’s plenty of love out there!

Sign You’re In Love: That Sushi Looks Like Him…

When you’re in love – the real kind – you’ll notice that everything seems to remind you of him.

  • You’ll turn on Netflix and see a show he mentioned…
  • You’ll go shopping and see a store that reminds you of him…
  • You’ll eat at a local sushi restaurant and see some Sashimi that looks like him laughing…

Okay, that last one is a stretch, but not that much. You’re going to start finding that everything you do seems to remind you of him.

14 How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

This is actually a scientifically proven effect. It’s like when you buy a new car, and all of a sudden you see that everyone seems to have bought the same car.

How is this possible?

Well, it’s not because everyone bought the same car all of a sudden.


It’s because you have a part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System. This tiny part of your brain is the bouncer at the door of your awareness. The R.A.S. lets in stuff that seems important, and filters out the stuff that isn’t.

When you’re in love, your R.A.S. is programmed to seek out and point out all the areas of your life that remind you of him.

Sign You’re Into Him: Fuggedaboutit!

When you’re in love with a guy, you’re not gonna want to fight with him. Deep inside, you know that every minute you waste fighting is time you could be cuddling.

top signs youre in love with him How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

You work it out…

So when disagreements come up – as they will – you will notice that you just can’t stay mad at him long. In fact, it seems almost ridiculous to fight in the first place.

Sometimes your emotions get heated, and maybe his, too. But you both seem to find your way back to “making up” as fast as you can.

And in another way, if you find that you’re mad at a him a lot, you might want to look at why your anger keeps getting triggered.

Is it because he’s genuinely annoying you?

Or is it because you have some emotional defenses trying to keep him out of your heart…?

Only you can answer that one truthfully.

Sign You’re In Deep: He’s Number One!

One of the sure-fire ways you know you’re in love with a guy is when you realize that he’s the one you go to first.

With everything!

  • Good day at work? You call him or text him…
  • Bad day at work? You call him or text him…
  • Got a busted water heater?
  • Car won’t start?

You call HIM.

He’s your “go-to” guy for this stuff. You realize you rely on him and you’re making him your guardian and protector…

And this kind of reliance feels good!

I watched a show recently that talked about who you use as your “In case of emergency” person on job applications and doctor forms.

If it’s his name and number you write down, you’re in love!

Sign He’s Won Your Heart: You can show him The Stranger!

Every woman is a little bit scared of letting herself freak out on her man. (Believe it or not, guys have a similar fear – and I’ll talk about that in another article…)

You know – that crazy chick that shows up when the stress gets to be too much. Your private reserve bottle of cRaZy that you keep hidden away in your basement – but you know it could show up if the moon is in alignment with your bad mood

signs youve found mr right How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

You feel safe to show him “ALL” of you…

Billy Joel called this “The Stranger”:

“Well, we all fall in love
But we disregard the danger
Though we share so many secrets
There are some we never tell…
Why were you so surprised
That you never saw the stranger
Did you ever let your lover
See the stranger in yourself…”

  • BILLY JOEL – “The Stranger”

Every woman knows she’s got the stranger in her, and she also knows when she feels safe enough to not worry about letting her dark side out on occasion.

She knows her man won’t run, and she won’t scare him away. That’s when you know you’re comfortably in love…

Sign You’re Down For Love: Meet The Fam!

Yeah, you know it’s going to have to happen – but you put it off for as long as you can… It’s when you introduce him to … your family!

Whatever your relationship is with your family, you might find yourself building up to this big event.

First, you have to find an event to bring him to – something not too intimidating.

Maybe – President’s Day…?

Then, you have to start telling him about the crazy people. Your brother, or your cousin – whichever one is the most volatile and hard to deal with.

24 How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

And THEN you have to start coaching him on how to make your parents like him. Which is like night school for 10 weeks.

So much work to do just to make sure he has the best chances of:

A) Liking your family (even if you say you don’t care), and

B) Them liking him (even if you say you don’t care…)

When you want him to meet them, and them to meet him, you must really feel love for him – and you want to take the next steps…

Sign You’re Seriously Past “LIKE”: Are We Happy?

It’s a given that when you’re in love you will probably find it hard to be happy if he’s not happy. When he’s down, you might feel a bit down, too. When he’s on top of the world, you’ll share in that happiness.

When you feel connected to him, you’ll also share his emotions. Love has this way of connecting you in mind, body, and spirit.

The trick of this is that you don’t want to be permanently stuck in his emotional state. This is called codependency and is a serious sign of a problem in a relationship.

Don’t chase his approval. Just know that you’re going to find your emotions entwined…

Sign You’re On The Love Train: No Taboos…

One of the essential signs of a close relationship is the ability to talk about ANYTHING with him. When you feel that you can be vulnerable enough to really share your feelings with him, your thoughts, your darkest desires –

You’re probably in love.

And this means that you can even talk about stuff you disagree about and still come back to the love.

You have to be able to talk about ANYTHING in your relationship if you want it to succeed forever. It’s an essential quality of really loving and LASTING relationships.

Sign You’re In The Love Zone: He Does It – But It Don’t Matter…

This one is a spectacular sign of love – and it also demonstrates how you know when you’ve got someone special in your life. Maybe even the guy you will want to marry…

It’s when you see quirky behavior from him, stuff you might not even like. But it doesn’t matter to you!

You see his faults… and they don’t matter!

And you know you’re not just ignoring or denying that they exist.

“Yeah, he cleans his ears with his house key, but he only does it when he thinks I’m not looking. Gross, but tolerable…”

If you see him doing things that previous ex-boyfriends did, but they’re not as aggravating or annoying, you know you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Sign You’re In Love With Him: He Doesn’t Trigger Your Fear…

This is a HUGE sign that you should notice!

When the man you’re with isn’t triggering your fears or insecurities, you’ve got someone that’s compatible with your emotional design. And that’s a really big sign of love that can grow.

You see, if you’re not feeling activated by his behavior, that means that his behavior and his energy is immediately compatible with yours – in a good way.

13 How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

Almost every single relationship brings out insecurities and fears to the surface. And if you don’t feel that your vulnerability is making you either scared of loss – or that you’re inadequate in some way, then that’s a solid place to launch your love from.

Sign Love Is Knocking: Let’s Do The Time Warp!

Albert Einstein was once asked how he would describe his theory of relativity: E = mc2

He (supposedly) said it like this:

“When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it’s only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it’s two hours. That’s relativity.”

Well, whether Einstein really said it like that or not, it’s true in science – and it’s true in LOVE!

And you’ll experience this strange kind of time warping when you are with the man you desire. Hours will seem like minutes. Minutes seem like seconds.

Love and strong emotions have a way of pulling us into a strong sense of NOW. You become incredibly present and aware of what’s going on with you in the moment.

Sign You’ve Got Love On The Brain: You Feel Safe & Supported…

When you’re with the man you love, you’ll feel like you are invulnerable. You feel like your anxiety just melts away and you’re in a cocoon of warmth and love where you feel safe.

You feel safe expressing yourself, and being yourself.

how do I know Im in love with him How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

And you feel like you are supported by him in what you want to do in your life. You’ll feel the scars of the past disappear. And you’ll also feel honesty and trust take a front seat in your relationship as well.

If you’re walking around in doubt, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t in love – it just might mean that you’re feeling old stuff from your past trying to make you fear again. It’s natural, but it should eventually go away.

And if you find that your fear seems to always come up in relationships – along with insecurities and anxieties – you should find a therapist that can work you through your fears and help you heal.

Sign You’re In Love With This Guy: You Respect Him!

This one is really really big.

When you find that you respect him – AND his freedom – you’ll know you’re in a mature kind of love.

It’s a love that doesn’t need to control or hold back.

05 How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

It’s a love that can trust that he will come back to you after he takes a break or there’s distance between you.

A man senses respect from you. And if he knows you respect him as a man, he will do anything to keep that respect alive.

But the reverse is also true: If he doesn’t feel respected, he will keep looking for a woman who does.

Sign Your Hearts Are One: You’re Always Together In The Middle…

One of the clichés of relationships is that you have to compromise to make love work. You gotta meet in in the middle, they say.

But what they don’t tell you is that you don’t have to WORK to compromise. It should feel natural, not like a chore.

And it also doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.

Really, you just don’t mind … when you’re in love.

Sign This Is That Lovin’ Feeling: It’s Never An Inconvenience…

When the little stuff starts to bother us, that’s usually a sign that our toleration and understanding has been worn down. You get annoyed more when you’re just not that into it.

But when you’re in love with him, you’ll find that the small stuff that was inconvenient for someone else just doesn’t bother you.

how do I know Ive fallen in love with him How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

You never feel like you’re wasting your time – or there’s somewhere else you’d rather be. It all just falls into place with him when you’re falling in love.

Whether it’s hanging out on the couch watching a show, or just talking in bed, or waiting together in line somewhere, it’s always a pleasure…

Sign You Know You Love Him: You’re Acting Like An Addict…

The reality of love is that it’s due to a lot of biochemical changes in the brain. What you perceive as an obsession with the guy who you met last Saturday at your sister’s party is actually a cocktail of love “drugs” that your brain releases to get you invested in a relationship with this guy.

It sounds crazy, I know – but it’s true. Here’s a list of these drugs and what they do:

  • Vasopressin – Serves to increase feelings of attachment…
  • Oxytocin – Sometimes called the “hug drug” because of how it makes you bond with someone you physically touch. It’s also released when you engage with your children, furthering the bond. It’s an emotional “amplifier”
  • Dopamine – Part of the brain’s “reward” system…
  • Seratonin – Feelings of well-being and bliss…
  • Norepinephrine – Otherwise known as “Adrenaline!” This is that rush of intense feeling you get with someone…

%name How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

How do you know you’re in love?


And there is also Testosterone and Estrogen, which you’ve probably heard of as well.

The reality is that much of what we attribute to “fate” and “destiny” and emotion is actually a drug-induced illusion. But wow… what a great illusion, right?

All of these chemicals in the brain serve to make you attach to this guy and want to mate with him and make little ones. (AKA: Babies.) In fact, most of who you are – physically and emotionally – is setup for only one purpose: Procreation.

You don’t have to believe me on this one – it’s been proven scientifically as well.

So keep in mind that your feelings of uncontrollable addiction and irrational behavior are a result of your brain on drugs…

Bonus Sign You’re On Love Drugs: You’re Jealous, But Not Crazy Paranoid…

Jealousy is actually another useful emotion that we associate with all kinds of evil things. And it’s true, Jealousy has made people do some pretty horrific things. They wake up from the spell later and wonder “What the heck did I just do…?”

From an evolutionary point of view, jealousy alerts you to threats to your relationship.

how do I know Ive found the one How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

When you see that hot blonde walk through the room and your man’s eyes track her caboose as it shakes its way past you – and your stomach tightens up, that’s a natural reaction. It’s meant to put you on alert that you need to pay attention to your man.

(NOT yell at him for the natural reaction of checking her out. You might not like it, but it’s natural. And trying to stop it from happening actually makes men run away from a relationship as it shows insecurity. If you want to know more about why guys check women out, read this article.)

So even though you might have heard that jealousy is an “immature” emotion, it’s one that we can’t avoid. But you can use it for what it’s good for – an alarm system to help you keep your relationship safe!

Bonus Sign You’re Hooked On Love: You’re Ready For The Future…

Probably the biggest sign of love is knowing that you want to have a future with this man. You may not know what that future looks like exactly, but you know it’s a committed relationship.

And you also know that you want him to commit to you. You want that exclusive relationship that you can invest yourself in – and grow within.

That feeling you have of not wanting to lose him is also there, and you know it would really suck if this guy were to disappear from your life. And you’re willing to do what it takes to keep him!

There is a way to attract and keep a man in your life for as long as you want. You can even get a man that was starting to pull away or grow distant to come back and love you the way you want.

The secret is in The Cupid Effect ™ – a special formula that shows you how to get his desire & commitment.

If you want to learn more about how to do that – go here and watch this short presentation…



cupid effect How Do I Know I Love Him...? 17+ Signs

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14 Ways You’ll Know You Love Him Completely

Reviews of the Best Black Dating Sites

Black dating sites are specialized online dating sites that cater for black guys and females of all citizenships and cultural backgrounds. Some black dating sites are also concentrated on interracial dating, although that is likewise a separate particular niche of online dating, which we cover in our interracial dating group.

1. Black singles

Black Singles is a great site, with a proven reputation for bringing Black singles together. Black singles, ran by the Glow Networks (one of the largest and most preferred networks of dating sites on the planet), is among the most preferred dating websites online for black daters. With more than 1,000 new members signing up with every day Black Singles offers users the opportunity to hook up with tons of excellent new users monthly.

2. Afro Introductions

Afro Introductions is a wonderful black dating website, devoted to offering a superb online area perfect for joining guest and bringing about long-lasting relationships. Afro Introductions belongs to the Cupid Media network of websites, a group of more than 30 dating websites that have a reputation for providing quality services to their users. Every one of the Cupid Media websites are focused to a particular user group, and Afro Introductions, is naturally, no various.

3. Soul singles

Soul Singles is a wonderful website, concentrated on getting African-American, Haitian, Jamaican and Interracial connected in a fantastic online dating environment. With a lot of terrific features, made to enhance the dating experience of every one of the site’s users, Soul Singles is an excellent option for those users who are trying to find love online.

4. Ebony Friends

Ebony Buddies is an excellent site with a range of attributes meant to enhance the dating experience of all those users who decide to register. Ebony Buddies is quite popular in the online black dating market, attracting a healthy lot of individuals who are particularly energetic on the site, with thousands browsed through at most times of the day.

5. Black Scene

Black Scene is an excellent ‘ebony’ dating website intended to create an environment perfect for individuals to find love, friendship and even more online. Black Scene is among those sites that, despite having a vast variety of functions that are very useful to its individuals, we did find that it was especially costly for users to update their conventional membership to premium membership.

6. Black Dating With Grownup Findout

Black Dating is a website ran through the huge dating network of Adult Findout. Adult Findout has actually been in the dating business for a number of years, and is owned and operated by, a leader in the online dating sector. The site has a superb set of attributes, many of which are initial and innovative, and is the ideal place for users to get to understand various other individuals.

7. Black Date Link

With hundreds of individuals online every day, Black Date Link definitely seems like a terrific choice for individuals wishing to provide black online dating a shot. Black Date Link does have a great set of attributes (though it is let down by a few noteworthy absences) and certainly appears to bustle with active users. Registration to Black Date Link is free of cost, which is always an incentive, and individuals can experience all that the site has to provide.

8. Black World Lovers

Black Earth Lovers is a website dedicated to providing a terrific online dating environment for black singles looking for love, friendship, friendship or simply some enjoyable. Something to note early on is that Black Earth Lovers and Black Dating Network are clones of each other, and so share precisely the exact same attributes, individual database and design.

9. Black Dating Network

Black Dating Network is a clone site of another site in our top-ten for this category, Black Earth Lovers. As such, both websites share the exact same attributes and membership. For a total testimonial of the functions consisted of on Black Dating Network, look into our review of Black Earth Lovers!

10. Ethiopian Singles

Ethiopian Singles is a website that is concentrated on getting all black singles hooked up with their perfect matches in a fantastic online dating environment. With a lot of remarkable attributes, made to enhance the dating experience of all the website’s users, Ethiopian singles is optimal for those individuals who are searching for love online. Ethiopian Singles is part of World singles, the company behind Soul singles (and many various other online dating sites).

Black dating websites are specialized online dating websites that cater for black guys and females of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Black singles is a great website, with a proven credibility for bringing Black Singles together. Black Singles, ran by the Spark Networks (one of the biggest and most preferred networks of dating websites in the world), is one of the most popular dating websites online for black daters. With thousands of individuals online every day, Black Date Link certainly seems like a fantastic option for individuals desiring to offer black online dating a shot. Black Dating Network is a clone site of an additional site in our top-ten for this classification, Black World Lovers.

How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text…

Knowing how to flirt with a guy over text is one of the dating tools that your mom never had to deal with years ago. But if she’s single, she might have to know how to do it – the same way you do!

how to flirt with men using text How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

It’s not hard to keep a man interested – if you know what to say to him. The problem is that most women don’t really understand the differences in how men communicate versus how women do. There are some things that can blow up in your face if you don’t take care to get the right words and the right phrasing.

A good friend of mine gives advice online (similar to what I do for women.) But she gives advice to MEN. And one of the big mistakes I see is that she talks to guys the same way she talks to women – using the same words. And they sound really awkward to a guy’s ear.

Phrases like:

  • “Blow your socks off.” I can’t remember the last time anyone said that to me that wasn’t 80 years old and jangling quarters in their pockets…
  • “Namby pamby.” Again, not a term that men find helpful or even understandable…

The moral of that story is that you want to really think about the words and the phrases you use with men, because a simple wrong word at the wrong time could be all he needs to look elsewhere.

Speak his language!

Now, before we get started, I want to tell you about how these texts work.

You need to know that there is only one way that text flirting can help you – it’s to get him emotionally connected to you.

And you do this with my “Magic Formula.”

The Magic Formula For Flirting With Guys Over Text:

  1. Flirt and get him excited about you…
  2. Get in person with him to “lock him down”

That’s it – nothing more and nothing less.

The second step, what you do when you get in person with him, that’s something I reveal in my programs.

But when it comes to the first step: “Flirt and get him excited about you” – that’s what I’m going to outline for you here today!

Now, let’s get started…

So, how do you actually flirt with a guy over text messages?

Well, a good part of it is attitude. In fact, if I had to give you either ATTITUDE or the WORDS to use, you’d be better off with attitude every day of the week.

Because the truth is:

It’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it.

If there’s one thing I want you to get from this article, it’s that if you have the right attitude, you can say almost anything to anyone.

But if you have a hesitant or weak way of talking, you could recite Martin Luther King’s amazing “I have a dream” speech and completely lose your audience. (Listen for the conviction and belief in MLK’s voice and you’ll know what the difference is.)

Yes, the words are important, too. I’ll come back to this in a bit so you can understand what words work with men.

In fact, there’s a really good chance you’re looking up this article because you know what you’re doing isn’t working the way you want it to. AND you don’t want to keep making these mistakes with him.

How To Text Flirt With Him – Step One: Know The Rhythm…

Before you send ONE WORD to him in text, STOP. Just – stop for a second and think…

dos donts of flirting using text How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

Stop and ask yourself: “What is it I really want to accomplish…?”

  • Do you want to flirt with him?
  • Do you want to get him to find you sexy?
  • Do you want to get him to ask you out?
  • Do you want him to think about you?
  • Do you want him to fall in love with you?
  • Do you want a commitment from him?

Depending on where you are with your guy, how long you’ve been dating him, etc, you could have a bunch of goals for the two of you. But the important thing to know is this: What is the next step?

On the path to a long-term relationship – or even marriage – there are MANY steps. But the only one you should be concerned with is THE NEXT ONE.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Just focus on the next thing that needs to happen – and that will tell you what the next “beat” in the rhythm of love is for you.

So there’s a rhythm of texting you should follow. If you just met him, don’t focus too much on when/how you text him. That will make you a little crazy and over-analytical.

Just work on getting the first meetup with him – whether that’s coffee, lunch, or whatever.

And don’t be afraid to be the one to initiate with a simple text like this:

“Hey, if you’re going to ask me to lunch this week, better hurry – I’ll be out of town next week… ;-)”

If you’re going to flirt with him, you want to be brave, but not vulgar. It’s a fine balance between turning him on, and being a “good girl” that a guy wants to pursue.

16 How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

Knowing the rhythm of when to text and when not to text is important, because very often we use texting at the wrong times. Sometimes you need to follow up with a phone call – or an email.

Texting is not the ONLY form of electronic communication. And the fact that it’s so casual and convenient leads a LOT of people to over-use it!

Which leads me to this:

TIP: Do Not Use Texting For The “Big Stuff”

Part of the “rhythm” of using texts is to remember that there are some communications you never want to do in text. Since texting was added to mobile services (around 1998), we’ve started to use it for almost any communication. And that’s not a good thing all the time.

Some of the conversations you do NOT want to use texting for:

  • DON’T TEXT TO: Get him interested enough to ask you out. You can’t do this effectively in a text. You need to talk to him and use your charm. The reason most guys ghost women is usually because the NEW woman he met understood this and started talking to him instead of just texting.
  • DON’T TEXT TO: Break up. It actually used to be an unspoken rule, but now people everywhere are avoiding discomfort any way they possibly can. This is not how you want to conduct yourself. Remember: Even if other people don’t see it, your character watches everything you do!
  • DON’T TEXT TO: Ask emotional questions, or to resolve conflict.
    One of the things I have to establish with almost EVERY client I video coach is that they are probably texting WAY too much when they’re feeling anxious or emotional. The big problem is that they’re training their nervous system that they can’t just SIT with their discomfort. They feel that everything has to be talked about NOW with him. Which destroys relationships.

I could probably go on for pages of situations when NOT to text, but suffice to say that you really only want to text a guy when it’s positive in nature. AND don’t use text to avoid saying something in person.

Texting is great for flirting – but NOT for deep relationship building.

How To Text Flirt With Him – Step Two: Less Is More

If you’re texting every random thought you have about him TO him, you’re misusing and abusing this valuable tool. Most of the women who text send dozens of texts and don’t realize that men really don’t like to text that much.

Think of texting like a “message in a bottle.” You can send a short, provocative message to him, and let him stew on it for a while.

how to flirt using texting How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

In fact, one of the best things a woman can do to a guy is to Not Reply To Him For Several Hours after you get a text from him.

I’m just going to let that really hit you, because it’s one of the rules that most women ignore – and they get ghosted by guys as a result.

You see men are watching how much you text him. And the amount of attraction for you goes UP when you do this stuff:

  • DO: Wait long periods of time to text him back…
  • DO: Text him stuff that doesn’t exactly answer what he may have asked you in the previous text. Meaning that you kind of respond to him, but don’t give him everything he was looking for…
  • DO: Tease him in texts…
  • DO: Hint instead of saying things too explicitly. Like telling him your feelings for him, for instance. The less you say, the better. He doesn’t need confirmation of your feelings to fall for you; he needs 90% desire with 10% doubt.

And his level of attraction goes DOWN when you do this stuff:

  • DON’T: Texting him your feelings throughout the day – a constant running drama diary of your emotional state. If you make us ride an emotional roller coaster, don’t be surprised if he gets off to barf and disappear…
  • DON’T: DON’T do what he asks you to do – like send nude pictures, sexting, etc. Mind you, I don’t mean that you turn into a spoiled brat, but that you give him a playfully hard time. No man likes it easy. AKA: Be a challenge!
  • DON’T: Asking him questions about how he feels about YOU. The fact that you ask him will only serve to reduce those feelings of attraction for you…
  • DON’T: Asking him to report whatever is going on with him – like where he is, what he’s thinking, what he’s feeling, who he’s with…. etc. Women share these details all the time, where men do not and don’t think it’s any of your business…
  • DON’T: Check-in texts that seem more like you’re trying to make sure he’s not with another woman than they are about connecting WITH him. Like texting him at midnight asking him: “What are you doing?” Uh, really?

The fact is that if you start expecting replies, and long exchanges of 50 or more texts back-and-forth, you’re wasting this precious tool’s incredible power.

Texting is powerful simply because once he gets the message from you, all he can do is to read it and reply. He can’t get any kind of feedback from you – and you can be as brave as you want to be. You can say things in text that you might not have the guts to do in person.

And now he just has to sit there and wait and wonder. Which is delightful torture to a guy, the same way it is with you. Waiting and wondering what they’re going to say back to you!

20 How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

You may be familiar with my concept of “Crystallization” © and how it works to make men fall in love with you while you’re not near him. It’s amazingly effective, and very few women know how to use it in the right way.

Suffice to say that if you understand how to crystallize yourself in a man’s mind (and it’s not terribly hard), you can have him begging you to be his girlfriend. 

I’ll tell you more about how to do this in a bit…

Next we have the final step –

How To Text Flirt With Him – Step Three: Double Down

The best thing you can possibly do to get a man attracted to you is to know what to say and when to say it to have maximum effect.

When you know the best “finishing move” to win this game, you’ll have guys lined up to take you out and win your heart. (I’m not kidding, this is what the women who really understand men do to win the man of their dreams.)

dating advice dos donts flirting using text messages How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

To Double-Down in gambling simply means to use the opportunity and advantages to stack the odds in your favor. If you’ve got the chance to close the deal and win him, you have to do it.

And that’s what you’re doing here – you’re stacking those chips to get you a BIG win with him! There’s no need to make it take months to get a guy to fall for you when it only takes a couple weeks.

Let’s look at a few of these texts for you to use:

Double Down Text 1: Got What It Takes?

The essence of being a confident woman is how much you challenge a man without making him feel diminished in the process. If you challenge a guy by beating on his ego, you’re going to spend a lot of time complaining about guys and not much time dating them.

When I dated women in my 20s and 30s, I found that most of the ones I met in bars were a little “high” on their status. It was a meat (meet) market, and they were the valuable commodity. Or so they thought.

Guys don’t usually marry women they meet in bars, I’m here to tell you. It happens, but not like you expect.

So here’s a text you can send to challenge him a bit: “You know what I admire in a guy? A guy who doesn’t quit and goes after what he wants…”

12 How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

If he doesn’t get the message and do something after that message, you wouldn’t have wanted to date him anyway. This one should kick his butt into gear.

Double Down Text 2: The Fire-Starter

Again, you want to make sure this guy is thinking about you non-stop, 24/7.

The key to doing that is to start him fantasizing about you, and texting gives you that ability.

Try this one on for size – TEXT THIS: “I have a confession to make…”

He will definitely respond to that. When he does, you send: “I was naughty last night…”

And again, he’ll respond. Just ignore his responses, they don’t matter for what you’re doing.

You then respond with this text: “I couldn’t help myself…”

You see what we’re doing? We’re drawing this out and charging it up…

Then text: “It was just too tempting…”

The less you tell him, the more his imagination explodes with his own fantasies.

Just wait for a while between your responses. Don’t be afraid to leave him hanging.

And then, finish him off with: “Maybe I’ll show you when we get together…”

He won’t be able to stop thinking about you after those texts…

Double Down Text 3: Drop The Bomb

When the time comes, you may have to make the big play: You might have to ask HIM out.

It’s not the way most women want it. When a guy asks you out, you know his interest and desire for you is real. If YOU ask HIM out, you’re always going to wonder.

But if he’s stuck, you have to get him out of his stuck-ness if you want him.

flirty text messages that get his attention How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

Here’s the text to use: “Hey, we could probably do some weird hookup via text, but I think you’d like me better in the flesh… When can we meet up?”

Now, that might seem bold to you, but that’s the kick-in-the-pants he probably needs.

Remember that dating guys is sometimes like playing the numbers – You have to go through a few to find the winner.

Don’t just take whatever life serves up to you. Be a little picky, because if you go with the first mediocre guy that asks you out, you could spend a decade wondering why you chose him.

“Smart women choose. Unhappy women get chosen.” – Carlos C.

Now, as another bonus – let me also give you an example of a few things you do NOT want to text a guy:

DON’T TEXT THIS: “No big deal, it happens to everyone…” 

Diminishing a man’s pain is never a good idea. In fact, men could stand to learn this one, too.

You never want to make any man’s plight sound small. Many times women do this when they’re a bit sick of listening to a guy come down on himself or present himself as being shaken up by something. We try to get people to fast-forward through their own low emotions so that we don’t have to face our own.

DON’T TEXT THIS: “I’m late…” 

Yeeesh! Now, unless by “I’m late” you mean that you’re running late for the date, you never need to say this to him in a text. If you were to tally up all the times your period was off by a few days, and you freaked out a bit (which is totally understandable) you’d know that you don’t want to pull him into that same panic.

Take one for the team, and don’t drag him into that one until it’s REALLY necessary.

Guys do this for women way more than we would like to admit. (Or probably should actually do.)

DON’T TEXT THIS: “Where were you…?” / “Why are you ignoring me?” / “Why aren’t you replying?”

Yowch. This one never helps you. It only comes across as needy, controlling, insecure, pushy… you get the point. There is NOTHING good that can come from haranguing him into texting you.

It sounds like a woman who panicked because he didn’t text her back within 2 minutes – and now she’s starting to lose it.

Don’t be her. 

DON’T TEXT THIS: “(Anything Sarcastic)” 

It might be amusing if you can add tone when you’re talking to him in person, but sarcastic comments (like: “Yeah, I’ll bet you LOVED that”) simply DO NOT WORK in text.

By the way, if you ever do send something sarcastic, add “(sarcasm)” right after it so he gets it.

DON’T TEXT THIS: Anything with more emojis than actual text. 

It goes without saying that we like emojis because they’re cute, they’re easy, and they are a great shortcut for expressing emotions. But some people do go too far with them.

With a guy – never send more emojis than words in the text. It’s too “cutesy” and it undermines him taking you seriously. It also can feel like you’re trying too hard for approval.

Just send him one every few emails. If you’re not able to say it without an emoji, you might not want to send it at all.

10 How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...

Of course, when it comes right down to it, there are a ton of mistakes you can make with a guy.

And the easiest mistake is saying the wrong thing to him!

The good news is that it’s also the easiest mistake to avoid.

In fact, I knew that women made this mistake so often that they needed a guide to understand what words work – and what words don’t work – with men.

I call these words that make men want you “Passion Phrases.” These are the words that men respond to – and they just plain GET IT when you know what to say to him.

If you want to learn the words to Obsess His Mind & Capture His Heartgo here for this short article on how the Passion Phrases work…

passionate affair How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text...




How Women Undermine Themselves With Words

How to Flirt with a Guy Over Text

16 Texts You Should Never Send To A Guy







3 Important Dating Tips For Women Over 60

Dating over sixty is supposed to be very satisfying. You need companionship, love and a shoulder to lean on through all. Women who are over 60 get into dating to pillar their lives and to enjoy their senior years in the appropriate company. Considering that there are fewer responsibilities at sixty, maybe because children are all grown up and have left home, there is so much idle time in the life of a woman who is over 60. Getting into a new relationship can be of immense value to such a woman. But to truly be happy dating again after 60, there are a few things that you must remember and stick to.

1. Never feel too old for your man – Whether you decide to date men your age or younger men who are interested in you, never ever feel too old or like you are not worthy anymore. Men love women who remain confident about themselves, even when signs of aging are evident on their skins. Choose outfits that flatter you, but remain comfortable for you and decent. You should also not try too hard to hide your aging but instead have a way appearing as though you are aging gracefully. Smile more and let your fun side show. You also should try as much as possible to remember that your man loves you the way you are and you do not need to go to the extremes trying to change into the person you think he wants.

2. Remember, you are not desperate – Nothing can be worse than a woman over 60 who appears desperate and too clingy. Give the relationship time to mature in the most natural way, no matter how badly you might be needing company and to be showered with love. Play it cool and find other things to do with your time to create a good distance with your man so the relationship grows and thrives. With years of experience in relationships, you are definitely what makes a relationship work and what makes it fail. Try to be modest about everything you do with regards to the relationship and never feel like you are in a rush for anything because you are not. You are actually allowed to play hard to get even at your age!

3. Understand there are things you cannot do anymore – When you are over 60, your energy levels may be down and this means there are things you may not be able to execute as you did before when you are in a relationship. You may not be able to maintain an intense workout regime as you did before so do not break your back trying to impress your man. You may also not be as flexible and wild in bed as you used to be so do only what you can comfortably handle without feeling embarrassed. You may not be as willing or able to go about clubbing and dancing as before but do not be ashamed to make a good dinner at home and inviting your man over and do a number of other fun things you both will enjoy.

How To Turn Him On

The one way you can be sure you’ve got a guy under your spell is if you know how to turn him on. And since I’m a guy, I can tell you better than any woman can about what it takes to turn a guy on.

how to excite him How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

Of course, when women ask me “How do I turn him on?” – what she really wants to know is how to grab his attention and make him want her like nothing else. (and no ONE else!) If you can get him feeling that kind of sexual attraction for you, you can get almost any guy to fall in love with you.

Now at the risk of sounding over simplistic, there are two kinds of things you can do to turn him on:

  1. Big things
  2. Little things

That may sound obvious, but it’s not. First of all, the BIG things are the things you can do that are fairly obvious. Like leading him on physically, or sending him sexts. Let’s be real, it doesn’t take a whole lot to actually arouse a guy’s libido.

But once you get over the age of 30, that method of flirting with a guy can seem a little too obvious – and uncomfortable to use. You kind of outgrow it.

Some women don’t feel they have the physique to pull off texting him racy pictures. And some of the things that you might hear used in sexting just sound creepy.

I get it – they just feel like the desperate attempts of an insecure teenager. (And honestly, most of the other sites out there talk about tips that only work for desperate teenagers.) You don’t need to be vulgar to win him into your bed.

And when it comes to the little things, you might worry that he just won’t get it. He might completely miss what you’re doing. And guys are kind of oblivious to subtle flirting and seduction.

Both the little and the big things work – and that’s what I’m going to show you here in this article…

Here Are 7 Tips To Turn Him On

Let’s start with:

Sexy Turn On #1: Hit Him With The Fantasy…

It’s been said that “men think about sex about 8000 times per day.” There was even a scientific “study” that supposedly showed this.

The problem is – there is no such study. And the number 8000 is completely made up.

how to turn a man on How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

Yup, it’s an urban legend.

The truth is that a survey was completed studying men and women between 18 and 25 years old. (Yeah, it’s always done on college students – they’re the ones that need the beer money.) So take this with a grain of salt, since we know how college kids think.

The results of this study?

The median number of sexual thoughts for MEN was 18.6 – and for WOMEN it was 9.9.

So for the quick-and-dirty interpretation, men think about sexy-time about twice as much as women do. Which isn’t really all that surprising, is it? But it is FAR from the ridiculous 8,000 times a day number that someone made up.

The reality is that making anyone fantasize about another person is going to make them want to turn into reality after a while. If you know about my “crystallization effect” – you know that men will fall in love with women who they think about all day long.

So a great way to turn him on is to turn on his fantasy machine – his brain!

  • Just send him a text of a sexy dream you had about him… or a sexy fantasy of yours. And ask him to finish it…
  • Or send him a link to a really arousing bit of erotica online somewhere…
  • Or send him an email with hints about the next time you two can get together…

Don’t underestimate the power of a man’s imagination when it comes to turning him on.

Turn Him On #2: Always When You Can’t

One of the most powerful of the lost arts of seduction is the art of TEASING a man. I talk about this quite a bit in my articles, videos, and programs for women.

If there’s one thing you must understand it’s that people really do respond to The Law Of Hard To Get. This law simply states that we want whatever we cannot have. Mother nature has seen fit to instill this in our brains since the dawn of humans.

03 How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

This law is so strong, in fact, that even ANIMALS respond to the Law of Hard-to-Get!

Have you ever played with a cat before? Maybe it was a laser pointer or with that fuzzy blob on a string.

Whatever the method, you know how it works: You put the toy out there for the cat, it chases it.

But if you don’t yank it away before the cat can catch it, kitty loses interest. If you keep the red dot moving, or the cat toy bouncing, kitty stays very focused and chases it.

This plays on a primitive part of a cat’s mind – it’s his hunting instinct. This is the part of a cat’s mind that lives for the chase of its prey.

This method of play also works on a man’s mind for the exact same reason.

All you do to use this one to your advantage is to tease him a bit.

  • Flash him when you’re out somewhere in public and only he can see…
  • Or maybe you whisper something naughty in his ear about what you two will be doing later when you get home…
  • Or you grab his butt when he can’t do anything about it…

It’s when a guy is given an opportunity he can’t pounce on that he becomes keenly excited and attentive – waiting for the opportunity when he can!

Turn That Guy On #3: Treat Him Like Meat…

Guys find themselves all too often stuck on the side of being the DEMAND in the sexual marketplace. We are the demand, and women are the supply. And this has been the dynamic between men and women for hundreds of thousands of years. (And yes, for all you science nerds out there, it’s this way in the animal kingdom too.)

So when a guy gets this role reversed on him, it can be a real turn on for him.

how to make him want you more How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

The best way to do this to a guy is to simply give him the look-over. Yeah, you know what I mean. There’s that look a guy gives you when he’s really appreciating your … er… assets. He might look you up and down.

Well, it’s perfectly fine for you to give that look back to him – assuming you appreciate him physically.

Simply find any time where  you can check him out visually – and let him know you’re doing it. A full body scan, or even a little “touchy feely” to adjust his tie or straighten his shirt is something that he WILL notice.

And believe me it will get him excited and turned on.

And again, the best timing is always when he can’t do anything about it. That dials the sexual tension up to “11” for him.

Just wait til you get home!

Turn Him On #4: Wear It Like You Mean It…

The single best thing you can do to turn him on is to work your wardrobe to reflect your best. You don’t need to be a supermodel or be 100 lbs soaking wet to get him hot for you. (In fact, most guys will tell you that skinny girls don’t really do it when it comes to visual turn-ons.)

how to get him to want you How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

Here are the ground rules for dressing up to undress your man:

  1. Wear black. Black is sexy. It slims you, and it has a hint of taboo about it…
  2. Wear heels. They always make your legs look better. I know, sometimes painful – but they work
  3. Wear your hair down. Guys prefer hair down to up, for the simple reason that it’s overtly feminine and wild…
  4. Show off the B&B. That’s boobs & butt. And legs, preferably a little above the knee. When a guy gets to see cleavage, a round caboose, or those gams – it’s going to start his engine. (Did I really need to tell you this one?)

Ultimately, make sure you wear what makes YOU feel sexy FIRST. It’s your attitude that will carry the day when it comes to turning him on the most.

Every man has had the experience of just hanging out casually with a certain woman who just carried herself like a seductive siren. She owns the room when she walks in – mostly because of her attitude radiating.

But when you add in a hot look, she’s unstoppable.

Turn Him On Without Touching #5: The Nose KNOWS…

Perfumes are a very advanced tool for you, but only if you understand how men respond to these fragrances.

This is an area that most women make a VERY big mistake.  As a man, I’ll reveal that the biggest mistake most women make is using WAY too much perfume.

Now, I will confess that I have an excellent sense of smell, so I may have a bit of a sensitivity. But the fact remains that at least half the women I’ve dated who wear perfume have overdone it.

17 How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

And it’s probably an innocent mistake created when you assume that if a little is good, a lot must be better. But it doesn’t work that way.

The old rule of putting a hint of perfume on the back of your neck, and a slight amount on your wrists is just about the right amount.

If you’re spraying your perfume, you might consider spraying it on a card and then applying it to your skin in a way you can control. You really don’t want perfume saturating your wardrobe, or your hair.

You see, a guy would actually prefer the slightly musky smell of your skin to the perfume. And most perfumes are designed to respond to your natural body scent to give you a unique smell.

The point of perfume is to give him something to entice him back after he’s gotten close enough to catch a hint of it the first time.

But do use the magical attraction power of a good perfume. Take your time choosing it, and get feedback from a guy you can trust.

Turn Him On #6: Touch – AND GO…

By far, the supreme weapons of mass seduction a woman possesses are these last two “Turn-on Tools.”

Never underestimate the power of touching a guy the right way at the right time. A light touch with your fingers will get him hot for you like nothing else you can do. (Well, maybe…)

how to keep man satisfied in relationship How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

Here are a few hints for how to touch him:

  • Make sure you only touch for a second or two at most. The longer you touch him beyond 2 seconds, the less this works to turn him on…
  • Touch to accent what you’re telling him. When you want something you’re saying to really stand out to him, just touch his arm for a short second…
  • Touch confidently. Don’t just tap him, give him a warm touch that lasts about 1 second…
  • Make it warm, not cold. Sometimes your hands might be a bit chilly to the touch. This can still be very provocative to him, but you should try to warm up your skin so that he feels it.
  • A hand on his leg is a powerful turn-on for a guy, so use it sparingly. Just touch his leg, on the top of his thigh. Not TOO close to Mr. Happy. Every inch of his body will tingle when you do this right…

Again, it’s been my experience that most women misunderstand the refined and sophisticated use of touch when it comes to men. This is a topic I cover much more completely in my dating & relationship programs.

Turn Him On Without Touching #7: And Then There Was THE WORD…

This last “Turn On Tool” is super effective for getting a man drawn to you with irresistible Desire.

It’s the use of WORDS to get him fascinated and obsessed with you. And it happens to be one weapon that you are much better at than he will ever be.

Most guys never developed a vocabulary of emotion when they were younger. It’s not something that boys are brought up to really have.

Remember that the goal to turn a guy on is to be SEXY – not ‘SEXUAL’ with him.

Sexy is power that you possess, and it makes you desirable without you even trying. If you’re TRYING, then you’re failing when it comes to turning him on with sexual wiles.

And the best way to be sexy for a guy is to activate his sexual nature, without being overtly trampy.

One way you can do this is through the power of “double meanings.” Guys are very easy to provoke with words and phrases that sound like they’re talking about “dirty” topics, but really aren’t.

24 How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

For example, you could say something like this in person or in a text:

“If you want to meet up, I’m wide open later on…”

Then you can follow that up with: “Oops! That sounded really naughty!”  (Giggle)

Guys love coming up with their own little “dirty thoughts.” Most women act disgusted at this, but if you embrace it you can use the power of the “Double Meaning” to get him to think what you want.

He won’t think it because you told him to – but he will if he comes up with it on his own! Guys LOVE being teased this way.

The best way to make a man feel draw to you and obsessed with you is always with words. 

  • With words, you can steer his experience in whatever direction you like…
  • With words, you can make him feel the emotions you want… (WHEN you want!)
  • With words, you can make him think about you even if he’s thousands of miles away…

If you want to learn the most powerful language techniques – from winning your ex back to making him turned on – go take a look at my short video presentation on The Obsession Switch…

You’ll learn how to make him fall under your spell using simple words – and he’ll never know what happened!

secret to playing hard to get with men How To Turn Him On   7 Tips For 2020

Go discover the Passion Phrases here – Shhh!
Don’t tell your friends until after he’s under your spell…



Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

We’re all looking for “The One” that we hope is out there for us. We hope that person is out there – and if the guy you’re with is him. And that’s what we’re going to cover here as I answer that question: Is he the one for you?

You might have even found yourself wondering this about the guy you’re with – or maybe even ALL the guys you’ve dated in the past. The way most of us find out is if we break up, then we know they’re NOT “The One.”

And let’s face it, we often get together with someone for the wrong reasons – or at the wrong time.

Of course, we can’t possibly know if a person was “destined” to be with us until we’re with them. But there are signs you can look for that will show you if you’ve got someone that is worth sticking around for.

Because you don’t want to waste your time with the WRONG guy. And that’s what I’m here to do – save you from making the wrong decisions.

So how would you know if he’s the right guy for you? Let’s go through the signs…

Secret Sign 1: He’s “The One” If You Feel THE PULL…

The Pull is that inevitable attraction we feel for someone.

But you have to also be careful – many people let physical / sexual attraction replace their common sense in the process.

The human body (and brain) is designed to hypnotize you into taking the first guy that really starts your engine. Your brain gets flooded with a half-dozen love hormones that you simply can’t resist.

Which is why you have to pay attention at the start so that you don’t get pulled into orbit around the wrong guy.

There are two kinds of attraction you MUST feel if he’s going to be The One:

  1. Physical/Sexual – This is the hardcore “lust” stuff – where you two just can’t keep your hands off each other…
  2. Mental/Emotional – This is where you’re attracted to the IDEA of him as well. It’s a different kind of attraction that is harder to notice…

And it’s that second one – the mental/emotional attraction – that many people completely ignore because they’re getting all wild-monkey-love with their new lover. There was a time when you could just go with the sexual attraction, but now we’re evolving to a place where we don’t need to make our mating decisions based on our crazed hormones.

So watch to see if you’re really feeling infatuation with him – or you’re really drawn to his personality. Chemistry IS important – but so is his soul.

Which actually brings us to the next Secret Sign he is THE ONE for you:

Secret Sign 2: He’s Got The GOODS…

Before I started coaching women on how to be more successful with men and relationships, I started out in the world of men’s dating advice. I spent about 8 years coaching men on the qualities that women look for in men.

is he the one Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

It’s like choosing a good book…

Well … at least the qualities women SHOULD look for in men. You want to spot any of his faults, but also know his strengths.

So let me share a few of the essential character qualities you want to look for.  (And in case you’re wondering, these are the same ones I coach my own son on every day. So you can be sure they are for real!)

Character Quality 1: Honesty.

Yes, it goes without saying that you can’t have a strong relationship where there is no honesty. In fact, I usually leave “Trust” out as a quality, because if you have the honesty, the trust comes naturally.

Your man has to stick to the truth-telling side if you’re going to have a lasting, loving relationship with him. If you detect that he’s playing loose with the facts to protect himself, or cover up his problems, you have to nip that in the bud, as they say.

Character Quality 2: Communication.

Again, he’s got to be a reasonably well-intentioned communicator. Guys will fumble and fall when it comes to communicating their feelings and needs, but they can be trained!

Communication ties in directly with your method of handling conflict in your relationship. If your styles do not match (i.e., you get loud and emotional, and then he goes silent) you will find that you have a long challenging road ahead of you.

10 Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

He doesn’t have to be great at communication, but he does have to show the desire to get better. That’s all you really need.

Character Quality 3: Stable.

Look, we all know life can get crazy. And you need a guy that has a solid foundation in himself – a guy that’s stable. You need to be able to lean on him and depend on him.

This also goes for mental health issues. If you find yourself dating a guy who may have some personality issues or psychological problems, you also want to know he’s got this under control with treatment of some kind.

Character Quality 4: Open & Growing.

If you want to be happy with this guy through the years – married or not – you have to choose a guy who is capable of being open with you (instead of closed off) – AND he has to show you that he’s capable of growth.

If the guy you’re with isn’t growing, he’s withering and dying. And that will always hurt your relationship in the process.

Now, of course there are many other character signs to look for, but these are essential. Without them, you don’t stand a chance.

Secret Sign 3: He’s Your Lego…

When it comes to the question of compatibility, you want to be sure your man is someone that will complement you – which means he will embrace and improve you by being with you. The same way the right wine goes with the right meal.

signs you found mr right Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

I like to say that you two fit together like Lego blocks that make a good fit together.

This means that you don’t really have to think or consider “compatibility” at all. You just feel whole and grounded in your relationship with him because you really fit well with each other. You even know that the things that do not match between you (you like dreamy New Age music, and he still loves his 1990s Eminem albums…) don’t really matter too much. You just deal with it.

There’s also an ease of being with him that you never feel like you need to question. No over-analysis, you just go along with the good feelings.

There’s also a comfortable atmosphere around you both. You never feel like you have to walk on eggshells around him, and the fights you have are not heavy on drama.

Secret Sign 4: You’re Not His Rehab…

It should go without saying that your man must be free of unhealthy addictions. These days, there’s quite a list of them:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Internet Addiction
  • Video Gaming
  • Sex
  • Shopping
  • Phone/social media addiction
  • Food disorders
  • Risky behaviors

It goes without saying that we live in a time where we have LOTS of spare time – and lots of distractions. It seems like it’s easier than ever to fall victim to these addictions.

signs he is the one for you Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

You want your man to be relatively free of these kinds of behaviors. Addiction can cause havoc in any relationship, especially if you find a guy that doesn’t have them under control.

Not all behavioral addictions meet the classic definition of a physical addiction – like alcohol or drugs. For example, I do not believe that sex is an addiction – it’s more of an unhealthy obsession.

But even these “non standard” addictions do share many of the psychological and social signs of addiction. And they also respond well to traditional types of addiction treatment.

If you detect addiction at the start, it’s far better to distance yourself from the relationship, and THEN try to help him – instead of the other way around. It’s very easy to become stuck in “rescue” mode for guys like this, and it’s not where you need to be.

Secret Sign 5: He’s Got Some Caveman…

One thing that researchers find over and over again is that guys who are more classically “manly” are also the ones that women do better with in long term relationships. Those “caveman” qualities really do turn out to be a good polarity for you to seek in your relationships.

Now, by “manly” I mean the guys that have certain features that give away his genetics and his level of testosterone.

Some of these secret signals are:

  • Deep voice: Women gravitate to men that have commanding, low voices. It usually indicates he has a good supply of Testosterone.
  • Small balls: This one is only referring to his beans – not the frank. As men with smaller testes tend to be more nurturing than guys with a full set of kiwis. If you know what I mean…
  • How’s his hugging?: A guy who needs more personal space than most other guys is usually more of the “aloof” variety. Meaning he isn’t as physically connected. But if he needs to be closer all the time, that can indicate an anxious personality type. Always look for balance…
  • What’s his face?: Men with wider, broader faces tend to have personality types that correlate to (NOT cause him to be) more aggressive and less trustworthy. It’s my feeling that this one is probably a pretty weak reason to lose your man. So I’d just watch for the behavior, not the facial type.

Secret Sign 6: The Same Horizon…

It’s been shown time and time again that if you share the same vision of the future with your significant other, there’s a good chance you’ll stay together for the long-run.

what to do when you find the one Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

I can safely tell you that this is one of the key success factors in my own marriage. If Jen was not on the same page as me, we’d have clashed constantly. And I know for a fact I would NOT have married her.

I learned over 25 years of dating that I would never stay with someone that I was not really in sync with. It’s way too much work to be in a relationship where you clash all the time.

As you might imagine, this also extends into child-rearing. You have to know that he is going to support you when it comes to the raising of your kids.

AND – he has to know you will do the same!

Choose a guy who WANTS to be a dad, and you’ll find that things go WAY easier down the road.

Secret Sign 7: You Both Show Your Dark Side…

Another of the many ways that relationships work is when we don’t shield our partner from our TRUE self. If you’re hiding behaviors or things about yourself from him in the hopes that this will make you more “acceptable” and that he won’t leave, you’re wrong.

The best pattern for a developing relationship is to take things slow at the start – but still be your real self. Don’t be afraid to show some of your quirks as you go – and more of them later. If he doesn’t love the odd stuff, he’s not The One for you.

After a few months, you better be getting REALLY real with him, or it’s a sign. Whether it’s anxiety about if he will accept you, or the fear that you’re not really connecting that well, you need to know.

Secret Sign 8: Defensive Shields Are Down, Captain…

When you feel like you can admit to your faults and mistakes, and you don’t fear the reaction from him, you’re probably in a very secure relationship.

23 Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

It takes a really unique and wonderful kind of trust and closeness to not fear the reactions of being HUMAN in your relationship. You’d be surprised to know how many relationships are built on the pretense of “perfect partners.” Where each person is busy presenting the ideal person to their partner in fear of them leaving.

And it also speaks to the stability of your own emotions and lack of anxiety.

Secret Sign 9: He’s Got Your Back…

Your partner MUST support you. They might feel they have to point out some things you might not have thought of, but they will support you in what you want to do.

On the other hand, if you suspect that this guy isn’t as loyal as you thought, you should definitely question if you want to risk your future with him.

Always command respect, and definitely never settle for anything less than complete loyalty.

Secret Sign 10: Kind & Compassionate…

Without a doubt – you want a man that has a heart.

He’s gotta be kind and compassionate, or you’re going to feel very cold & alone in the relationship. It’s this heart-centered way about him that will make a huge difference in many of the other things I’ve mentioned here so far.

And even if you have most of what I’ve listed, without kindness & compassion, you’re probably not going to do well together.

Secret Sign 11: Open Ears…

Yeah, you gotta have a guy that can listen to you.

Now this doesn’t mean he should listen to you when you stand in front of Sunday football adamantly announcing “we need to talk!” No, that’s just poor planning. (If you feel the need to punish him this way, there’s probably more wrong going on anyway.)

You want a guy that will be listening to you the whole week BEFORE football Sunday so that you don’t feel the compulsion to hit him like this.

If he’s listening to you (most of the time), he’s a keeper.

Secret Sign 12: He’s A Great Dude…

You may have had a boyfriend in the past that you just knew was good-to-the-core.

  • His friends spoke well of him…
  • His family adored him…
  • Even his ex girlfriends still thought he was wonderful…

Yeah, these are the kind of people that can really make you sick.

I’m kidding, kind of. They can make your eyes roll on occasion as you try to figure out how they got to be so perfect. Rest assured, they’ve got their issues – but the good news is that it’s usually pretty weak stuff.

If you don’t let his perfection drive you crazy with insecurity – you just might have found “The One.”

Secret Sign 13: You Smell NO Smoke…

Look, if you’re being really truthful, you could have probably seen the relationship problems with the guys you’d dated in the past if you’d been looking. There were always those tiny signals that he was just … off.

As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

But when you’re with a guy who gives you no reason to suspect, distrust, or worry, you’ve found someone pretty solid. That’s worth a lot when it comes to your future with him.

Secret Sign 14: Your Pride Kicks In…

I’ll be the first to admit it, sometimes I was jealous of my relationship partners. They may have had more success, nicer families, healthier childhoods… whatever.

But when you feel yourself actually proud of your partner, you’ve found someone that doesn’t activate your feelings of insecurity. And that’s something important to consider when it comes time to align yourself with a copilot on your adventure of life – and love.

Secret Sign 15: He Gives You A Safe Space…

We men love to protect women. It’s an instinctual thing that reaches into the very core of our being.

Now, most women don’t need the kind of protection they once did. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t be able to make you feel safe.

21 Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

In fact, he should! You should NEVER feel emotionally or physically unsafe with your guy. Quite the opposite – he should make you feel like you’re contained in all the right ways.

And that safe space is also your launching off point to grow and become the best you can be for him.

Secret Sign 16: You’re A Top Gun For Him…

The fact is that you want to be a priority for him. It’s the way you figure out your value to him, after all.

If he’s choosing anything over you, it makes you wonder if this is the relationship you want. It makes you wonder – Is he The One For you?

So when a man makes you his priority, that’s a big sign of his feelings for you. Men are notoriously selfish with their time, but we will have no problem spending time with the woman that we love.

He may have other priorities that come up from time to time, but you’ll keep returning to his #1 if he’s the one for you.

Secret Sign 17: The Future Is Now…

One thing I’ve noticed consistently in many couples that stay together and are happy is that they never had to really push each other to commit. It was a natural process to move forward with the relationship.


is he the one for you Is He The One For You? 17 Signs

So when you see signs of reluctance, you certainly shouldn’t panic. It doesn’t mean you won’t be together. There are some people that just need time to get on board with the whole commitment thing. (And it’s why I created The Cupid Effect – to show you how to get a reluctant guy to move forward with you…)

If he’s making future plans with you, you can bet he sees that future with you.

And that’s a great sign he’s The One.

Of course, there are lots of signals that tell you what a guy is thinking and feeling about you…

  • If he’s in love…
  • If he’s losing interest…
  • If he’s ready to propose…
  • If he wants to tell you something…
  • Is he The One for you?

All these signals are easy to learn – IF you know how to read him!

There’s an easy way to understand what he’s telling you – especially if he’s not talking about it. You have to learn how to read his signals…

Learn more HERE…

PRODUCT Read His Signals Is He The One For You? 17 Signs


Anatomy Of Love: 7 Strange Signs To Tell If He’s the One

Adult Intimate Dating – When Seeking Fun Encounters

The concept of adult intimate dating may seem foreign to some but it really is not. “Swinging singles” publications have been popular for decades. Entire suburban subcultures surrounding such a process were all the rage in the 1970s.

Actually, they never lost their popularity as much as they became more discreet over the years. One of the ways that discretion has been maximized is through the used of adult intimate dating services and sites.

What is an adult intimate dating site? As the name implies, this is a dating service that is not based on long term relationships as much as it is for short term flings and affairs.

There are also certain online adult dating services that provide access to those that wish to explore various fetishes. No matter what you are looking for you could probably find it on a quality adult intimate dating service. Yes, there are others out there that share the same tastes and interests as you do.

Now, some may be concerned about maintaining their privacy with such sites. After all, will not people know who they are when they use their credit card or banking information to open up a membership to the site?

Well, look at it this way: what type of business would survive if it provided unauthorized access to the personal information of its clients? Such a business would probably fold overnight! Really, you need not worry about any company disclosing your private and personal information. These businesses do not want to cause anyone any trouble. They just want to run an effective adult intimate dating service that will deliver on its promises to those that wish to become members. It is as simple as that.

Some may wish to take the perceived easy route and sign up with a free adult intimate dating site. The word “perceived” is probably the most important one in the mix here. That is, there may be the perception you are getting something for nothing when you sign up with a free site but you really only end up with a potentially bad experience.

Free sites have no member screening process and virtually no customer service help to speak of. Would you really want that from any type of dating service much less one that is designed to help those looking for adult oriented experiences? More than likely, such hassles are something you would prefer to otherwise avoid!

Yes, it is possible you can have a great and memorable experience (or series of experiences) with an adult intimate dating service. Look for one that is of the highest quality and you will discover that your dating ventures are truly more exciting than you ever previously thought possible.

How To Connect With Him Emotionally

If you’d like to know how to connect with him emotionally, you might find yourself beyond confused. Men don’t have the same emotional connection that you might find you have with your girlfriends, after all.

relationship advice connect emotionally with men How To Connect With Him Emotionally

And if you don’t understand how to connect with a man using his special needs – you could be walking into a minefield.

Most men pull away from love relationships when he has a struggle to connect with his partner. He will assume the struggle is a “YOU” thing and not a “ME” thing, and he’ll assume you’re NOT the One for him. And marriage will be out of the question.

This is why it’s so imperative that you know how to communicate and connect with him to get him to trust you and open up to you.

If you’d like to know if you have an emotionally unavailable man in your relationship or marriage, you might like my article on that HERE…

It doesn’t matter where you are in your relationship – first date or fiftieth date – the principles are the same. You have to know the way into his heart and be able to connect with him. Better than his buddies can, and definitely better than any other women can. (Yes, including his mom!)

Especially if you desire marriage at some point.

In fact, one of the first mistakes most women make in a growing love relationship (or their marriage) is to prioritize the sex over the talking. Usually this is because our society and culture has prioritized the physical part of relationships as being more important.

12 How To Connect With Him Emotionally

And let’s face it – Communication isn’t easy!

Or… is it?

You’re going to be surprised at the real answer. I’ll share that answer after I show you the steps of –

How To Connect With Him Emotionally

TIP: Start sexy & fun…

The truth is that if a man senses that a conversation you’re going to have with him could lead to NOT HAVING SEX, he’s going to check out and withdraw. He won’t risk it.

I cover this in complete detail in my Passion Phrases program – but the fact is that men don’t just want sex; we NEED it. It’s a biological requirement for men to fall in love.

And one of the places where a man feels as if he has NO control is in the area of the bedroom. Men always feel that they’re at the whim of the woman when it comes to satisfying his physical intimacy needs. If his girlfriend or wife isn’t “in the mood,” he’s got to either wait or “handle it” himself.

how to connect emotionally with him How To Connect With Him Emotionally

It’s even MORE true in marriage, by the way.

And trust me when I tell you that you NEVER want your man feeling like he should go anywhere else but you for those intimate love needs. That’s part of marriage for a man.

So one of the best ways to get him to connect with you emotionally is to make sure your communication starts out sexy, fun, and light in tone. No matter what the topic might be!

Men need to be eased into communication.

The best way to make it easy for him is to start out on common ground with him.

Ever wonder why guys joke around so much with each other, giving them a hard time, etc.? Because this is the default “small talk” for guys. It’s allows guys to communicate in emotional ways but not be all sentimental and vulnerable at the start.

(Again, don’t shoot the messenger here. I’m telling you the Truth that most other dating and relationship experts won’t tell you.)

EXPERT TIP: He NEEDS Touch Intimacy…

Here is one area that men and women are actually very similar: We both crave physical touch as part of connection.

tips building intimacy connection with husband How To Connect With Him Emotionally

Women often use touch to “level set” the group if she says something strong or conspicuous. A woman will reach out to touch other women in the group instinctively to manage strong feelings.

Observe a group of women where one woman may start crying about something that’s really affecting her. The other women with her will almost immediately reach in and hold her to reassure her and contain her feelings.

And to stop her from dwelling on her sadness!

Men need intimate touch during communication to be vulnerable. It helps us to feel safe and “held.”

So be sure you use touch in the right way to keep him feeling safe, connected, and open to talking with you. It’s a huge marriage tip for you as well.

TIP: Watch The Limits…

Men have a limit to how much emotional content they can handle in a conversation. If it gets to be too much, he will feel “flooded.”

This is actually the term for when a person feels that they are overwhelmed by the emotions in a conversation. Men hit their limit fairly quickly, so don’t push your luck without knowing what his limits are.

One of the best ways to connect with him through emotions in conversation is to START with positive emotions.

20 How To Connect With Him Emotionally

For example, get him to talk about emotions like excitement, fun, and happiness.

Once he’s talking about things that are fun and happy, you’re more likely to talk about all the other intimacy stuff.

Just don’t ever hit him out of the blue with a question like “What was your last breakup like?” or “What is LOVE to you?” and expect him to jump in and enjoy it.

TIP: Keep The Mystery…

You probably know intuitively that telling a guy everything about you on your first date is a no-no. In fact, it’s a lot like introducing someone to a very cool movie, and then telling them the ending…

“So at the end of ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ that’s when you find out Darth Vader is Lukes FATHER! Crazy, huh?”

I don’t know about you, but when people ruin movies for me, I don’t get angry. I just feel a real disappointment inside.

how to build connection intimacy with men How To Connect With Him Emotionally

That’s what it feels like to a guy when a woman tells TOO much about herself on that first date. Or even if she gets TOO open in the marriage. (Yes, you need a little mystery even in your marriage.)

Whatever compels her to do it – call it jitters, excitement, or runaway nerves – but this kind of over-talk will not make you seem more mysterious (AKA desirable) to him.

And you still need to seem mysterious to a man if he’s going to connect with you and love you.

“Wait, Carlos – WHAT? I have to HOLD BACK information to get a guy to connect with me emotionally?”


And here’s why:

Men are more likely to reveal more intimacy about themselves to win your approval during the first few dates. The more you talk about YOU, the less he is going to feel the drive to talk about himself.

After all, why should he? You’re the one going on and on – and not inspiring him to ante up.

A lot of emotional connection is really BOTH people acting as if they’re playing poker…

You throw a few chips on the pile when each of you talks and reveals a bit. And when the pot is big enough, you both win!

But if you are the only one betting, he’s going to be scared to add his own love chips to the pile of emotional intimacy.

So don’t go crazy telling him everything. Let this be a nice, slow-paced game of MUTUAL disclosure.

TIP: Give Him The Floor…

If you’d like to connect with him – AND make him think you’re the best conversationalist EVER – start asking him questions about HIS experience. Ask him what’s going on in HIS life right now.

There’s so much a guy never gets to talk about with anyone else – except maybe his family.

tips building emotional connection in relationship How To Connect With Him Emotionally

If you can follow these three steps, you can have almost ANY man eating out of the palm of your hand:

STEP 1: Ask Him a Sincere Question About His Life…

STEP 2: Listen to him with genuine interest and depth – and without judgment

Sorry, there actually is no Step 3. It’s even simpler than you could possibly imagine.

But can you DO IT?

Oh, wait – there is another love connection tip for you – If you can ask him about the things he enjoys most, such as his hobbies, you’ll connect with him emotionally.

There’s an old saying:

“If you want someone to think you’re the most interesting person in the world, listen to them as if THEY are the most important person in the world.”

It works.

TIP: When You’re Ready For Deep…

If you’ve been following these steps, you’ll eventually get to a place where the conversation can get much deeper. This is where the foundation of marriage can be created later on.

The truth is that you might not WANT to go too deep into intimacy.

But you must go deeper if you’re going to really forge an unbreakable love connection with him.

The first part is that you need to be okay with going deep. You don’t need to make it a big deal and ask his permission, or make it weird in any way.

07 How To Connect With Him Emotionally

Let me give you an example:

“Hey, tell me if this is prying, or if it’s too weird to talk about it or anything, but I’m curious how that was for you.”
HIM: “Uh, what?”
HER: “Your, uh… your mom’s…”
HIM: “Passing?”
HER: “Uh yeah…”


“Was it hard for you when your mom passed?”

A man will appreciate the first example “A” as being very sensitive to his feelings, but it also seems to wimpy. As if you don’t know how to talk about the hard stuff.

Whereas “B” feels more grounded and easier to answer.

With all that build up in Example A, you’re going to get a watered down answer. He won’t dig for any real love emotions because he’ll wonder if YOU could handle it.

Instead, Example B – with compassion in your voice – will get him to really think about his answer. He’ll dig in and give you some love emotions.

Which is what you need from him, even if it’s a little struggle for him to come up with it.

And this leads me to the next tip for “Deeper Connection“:

TIP: Don’t Make Him Always Take Care Of You…

It’s good for a man to feel free enough that he doesn’t feel obligated to you – every once in a while. It’s a liberating feeling for a man to know that you CAN take care of yourself.

This is a balancing act, of course. We men love to take care of the woman we love. We also really love the feeling of being the man you can’t do without.

Buuuuut… every so often we guys really enjoy feeling like we are COMPLETELY FREE of all the weight of the world. Especially our obligations to our relationship and family – and even our marriage.

(It’s more of a fantasy, so don’t worry about your marriage. Hey – you even wonder occasionally.)

relationship advice emotionally connecting with man How To Connect With Him Emotionally

Mind you – this doesn’t mean that every man wants to just run to Vegas whenever he needs to escape. It also does not mean that he will cheat on you at the drop of a hat, or throw away his marriage

It’s just that every so often (every few months or so) he needs to not feel like he’s “tied down.” Or “controlled,” “fenced in” – or any other phrase that implies his loss of freedom.

So if you’d want to really get him to connect, you have to be willing to also let him DISconnect as far as he feels he may need to. Even if it’s only for an evening – or a weekend where he gets to hang out with his friends.

You can do this by not talking to him for a while. If you’ve got a secure enough love attachment style, you can simply choose to not contact him for a day. NOT text or call or feel you have to “check in.”

YES – men will find your silence as CONNECTING! 

The reason for this is that it creates a positive intimacy space between you that he WANTS to fill again.

If he’s always on his guard about being run over by his girlfriend, he’s going to take a cautious stance. Or that his wife is going to bash him over the head with his marriage situation.

If, on the other hand, he feels that you are not always pressing into his space, he’ll reach out to initiate the love connection once more.

If you find yourself wondering: “But Carlos! What if I pull back – and he doesn’t reach out to me again?” After all, that’s the fear many women carry about this.

If you give him space, and he doesn’t reach out – you never had him in the first place. You had a guy that was going along for the ride. Probably just waiting until something better came along.

You should consider yourself blessed that you found out now instead of after a few years of an unhappy marriage…

17 How To Connect With Him Emotionally

BUT – don’t let me sound too negative here. If you’ve already got a decent love connection to him, this shouldn’t be a worry for you. He’ll come  back to you.

As far as going deep – keep in mind:

DEEP RULE 1: Don’t stay deep for too long… it feels suffocating.

DEEP RULE 2: Too Deep for too long feels invasive. You need to show good boundaries in communication, too…

DEEP RULE 3: Never say “I know how you feel.” They don’t care if you do, and don’t believe you, either. Instead, silent empathy is all you need…

DEEP RULE 4: You need to balance your “intimacy deep talk” with “fun & shallow.” It makes it much more safe for a man.

These little rules will help you manage emotional depth with your man…


EXPERT TIP: Kill The Fixer!

Okay, maybe “kill” is a bit strong. But you definitely don’t need to let your inner “fixer” come up in conversation.

how to build emotional connection with boyfriend How To Connect With Him Emotionally

  • Your inner “Fixer” is the part of you that doesn’t accept what he is saying…
  • The “Fixer” needs to correct, or inject rational thinking into your conversations with him.
  • Your “Fixer” is the boring, can’t-have-fun, gotta-make-things-right voice inside you…
  • The “Fixer” is your inner Critic, and is very uptight…

If you know what triggers your inner “Fixer,” you can hopefully shut that voice off before it gets too annoying or works to ruin the connection with him.

In your marriage, this can be seen as the “shrew” situation – where a woman starts to work on fixing the things about her husband she never liked.

Because if you show that you are more interested in being right than making him feel loved, your chances at getting him to connect with you emotionally is going to be around ZERO.

Remember that your priority with him is to make him feel understood and ACCEPTED.

Let me say this again, because it’s so important it MUST be repeated:

All people desperately crave the feeling of being understood – and being completely ACCEPTED. 

If you can give him this feeling – that you understand where he’s coming from – and that you accept him unconditionally, you’ll win his heart. He’ll fall in love.

And it won’t take long for marriage or any other kind of commitment.

On the other hand, if you let your inner critic or – as my friend says – If you would rather parade your superiority, expect to have a very superficial relationship with him.


If you’ve been following these tips, he should now be much more softened and open to talking with you.

If he’s still holding back or resisting you, you need to go back to the start and start light. Find some common ground, and then you can start building that connection again.

Most guys are pretty forgiving when it comes to that connection – if he’s already feeling positive about your love. He’ll give you a chance…

But the best solution is to know EXACTLY how men connect with women –

And how he connects with you!

Men have 5 Connection Styles – (or “Codes”) do you know what they are?

Do you know what his connection code is?

Knowing how men connect is essential – from the first date all the way to when you walk the aisle with him…

Discover his Connection Code HERE…

how to build intimacy emotional connection How To Connect With Him Emotionally

How To Connect With Any Man…



How to Build Deep Emotional Connection


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